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    Detail plan that works well with rockhard Audi paint

    Part 1 Cleaning

    Step 1 Wash

    I am not using any foam, so i stick with shampoo, In my case Meguiars GoldClass shampoo, a Sheep whool wash-mitt, and the 2 bucket system. Dry the car with a special drying towel. (All Armor / Cobra). This drying might seem extra, but you need to remove all water to be waterstain free when you continue

    Step 2 Rims and Tires

    Degrease the tires with an all purpose cleaner (Poorboys APC), and clean the rims with Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel cleaner, then wash it all with your shampoo, then dry the rims. (Any wheel cleaner or shampoo can be used ofcourse)

    Step 3 Clay

    The most underestimated step…Meguiars consumers clay with any Detailer Spray (Poorboys spray&Wipe) to keep the surface wet while claying the surface of the car. Many people do not understand this step, but trust me…you MUST do it in order to get the car truly clean!!!

    Part 2 Polish and Feeding

    Don’t forget to tape parts that you do not want to hit while polishing…for instance light units, plastic parts etc

    Personal experience and advice from other Audi drivers makes me use the three steps below in this order for the best result:

    Step 4 SSR 2.5 with Cutting pad (Orange Lake County pad) (DAP position 4 or 5)

    Step 5 Menzerna Professional Polish (Black or Light green LC Pad) (DAP position 4)

    Step 6 Professional Polish with Finishing pad (Black)

    Part 3 Windows

    Step 7 Cleaning the windows
    Poorboys Spray & Whipe with a microfiber towel

    Step 8 Rain X

    Rub it on in circular movements, repeat as described on the RainX bottle.

    Part 4 Rims and Tires

    Step 9 Rims in Wheelwax

    Gently apply the Wheelwax on the rims, so the rim will be covered in a little bit of wax…Let it cure for several minutes, then rub it out with a microfiber towel

    Step 10 Tires with Meguiars tiregel

    “Wait…you actually wax the tires??” Yeah….Nothing looks so silly as a complete clean car, awesome shining rims,..and grey/brown tires…so apply the tiregel for nice black tires…:)

    Part 5 Feeding and Waxing

    Step 11 Poorboys Black Hole with Finishing pad (Black LC pad, DAP position 2)

    Place a bit of black hole on the pad, and keep rubbing until it starts to shine, let it dry until you see a haze, that clean it off with a Microfiber towel

    Step 12 Sealen with Poorboys EX-P (manual)

    Rub on…Rub off…

    Swipe test: Rub quickly on the paint with yuor finger, if you do not see any greasy haze, the Sealer is ‘cured’ enough to be rubbed off with an MF

    Step 13 Wax: Nattys paste Wax Blue (Manual)

    Rub on, let it cure, rub it off

    Swipestest: Rub quickly on the paint with your finger, if you do not see any greasy haze, the Wax is ‘cured’ enough to be rubbed off with an MF

    Do not wax the complete car at once, you’ll be sorry as the wax you started with, cured to long, and will be hell to get it off in a good way…

    Part 6 Other

    Step 14 Rubbers and plastic parts with Poorboys Trim restorer

    Step 15 Metalparts and logo’s with Meguiars All metal polish

    Part7 Interieur

    Step 16 Vacuum Clean

    Step 17 Interieur cleaning with handwarm water, then dry

    Step 18 Leather interieur with Meguiars leather conditioner

    Stap 19 Rubber parts with Poorboys Trim Restorer or Meguiars Natural Shine

    Trust me…you will need sunclasses to look at your car…:)

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