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    Battlefield V Trophy Roadmap

    • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (easier if you boost “Death from Above”)
    • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 hours
    • Offline Trophies: 6 (0trophy, 3trophy, 3trophy, 0trophy)
    • Online Trophies: 16 (1trophy, 4trophy, 8trophy, 3trophy)
    • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, must beat story on the highest difficulty “Hardcore”.
    • Does difficulty trophies stack?: Yes, beating in once on Hardcore also unlocks all other difficulty-related trophies for lower difficulties.
    • Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (Hardcore is available from the start)

    Step 1: Beat Story on Highest Difficulty (Hardcore)

    The story is really short – consisting of only 9 missions (3 War Stories with 3 Missions each). You can start on Hardcore difficulty right away, it’s unlocked from the start. Beating the game on Hardcore unlocks the trophies for lower difficulties too. This isn’t too difficult. You have checkpoints just like on other difficulties. You do take more damage but can still withstand 4-6 hits at close range. Your health regenerates automatically. If you want, you can do a quick run on easy first to get to know the maps, up to you. A playthrough on Hardcore takes roughly 4-5 hours on first try. Refer to the trophy “Sins of the Father” for tips.

    Step 2: Multiplayer (500,000 Player Score & 100,000 Score with Every Class)

    The two big trophies in Multiplayer are to get 500,000 Score as a Player and 100,000 Score with each of the 4 Classes. The score you earn with classes counts towards your combined player score (so that’s 400,000 done already). You’ll want to switch to a new class after having reached 100,000 with one. In total the 500,000 will take around 15 hours depending on skill.

    Class Progress can be checked in Title Screen > Profile > Statistics > Classes > Score. For your Player Score just add up the 4 Class values.

    Fix for potentially glitchy story trophies: There are reports of Story Trophies not unlocking correctly. If it happens to you, just hit “Resume” on each of the War Stories to view their final cutscenes again and the trophies should unlock.

    Battlefield V Trophy Guide

    World War Two Hero
    Collect all other Battlefield™ V Trophies
    Earn all other trophies in Battlefield V to unlock Platinum.
    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Medium
    See trophy “Sins of the Fathers”.
    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hard
    See trophy “Sins of the Fathers”.
    Sins of the Fathers
    Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hardcore
    Hardcore is the highest difficulty. It’s available from the start. Beating the game on Hardcore unlocks the trophies for lower difficulties too. The game is really short – consisting of 9 missions (3 War Stories with 3 Acts each), lasting for about 4-5 hours on Hardcore. There are checkpoints just like on any other difficulty. You take more damage but can withstand 4-6 hits at close range. Your health refills automatically after a few seconds.

    • At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much ammo, but each enemy drops an ammo pack that refills the equipped weapon. So make sure you equip the weapon you want to receive ammo for. The great thing is the enemies drop ammo for ANY weapon, doesn’t matter if you have a Sniper Rifle or SMG, it will always give you ammo.
    • When you need to destroy objectives, simply rush in and destroy them. The game makes an autosave immediately. Even if you die instantly (i.e. blow yourself up together with the target objective) it will still count as destroyed and respawn you in a safe area nearby. Just take out the bulk of enemies directly on your path or you can try sneaking as far as possible and then rushing the last few meters. However, keep in mind when you must destroy 2 objectives in one base it only makes a new checkpoint when you’ve destroyed both of them. When there’s only one objective it makes a checkpoint instantly upon destruction.
    • New weapons can be found at weapon stations all over the map. Try to get a Sniper Rifle. They are great for taking out enemies from afar. If you don’t have a Sniper Rifle, pick a Bolt Action Rifle. Your secondary weapon should be an SMG or Assault Rifle, something that can fire quickly when enemies close in on you.
    Complete Under No Flag War Story
     Complete the 1st War Story “Under No Flag” on any difficulty. It consists of 3 Missions: Crossing Lines > Butcher and Bolt > Onslaught.
    Store fuglar fanga ingi flugor
    Complete Nordlys War Story
    Complete the 2nd War Story “Nordlys” on any difficulty. It consists of 3 Missions: Still and Silent > All is Ash > Wolf and Dog.
    Ou La Mort
    Complete Tirailleur War Story
    Complete the 3rd War Story “Tirailleur” on any difficulty. It consists of 3 Missions: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité Ou La Mort.
    In Multiplayer, kill 10 enemies with secondary weapons in a round
    This is best done in Conquest because matches last the longest in this mode. Make sure you’re in the match from the start of the round so you have enough time for 10 kills.Secondary weapons are pistols. Pick the “Ruby” Pistol, it has the highest rate of fire which gives you a better chance to land the final hit. The Ruby pistol is the first one you’ll unlock. You can equip it in the Title Screen > Your Company > Select Class > Sidearm > Ruby. Any other pistol works too but I found this one to be the best.

    Now kill 10 enemies with your pistol in ONE match (in the same match). You can’t do this across multiple matches. In Conquest you have more than enough time so it’s no big deal. Pistols work best at close range. Don’t bother aiming (don’t press :l2: ), just use the reticle on-screen and hit :r2: quickly. Try flanking enemies and killing them from behind. This is also best so that no ally of yours kills the enemy before you do. Always try to flank enemies that are trying to capture (or defend) a flag. Play in a squad so you can respawn on your squad mates near the action and save yourself some walking distance.

    Enemy Attrition
    In Multiplayer, get 10 kills in a round
    This will come together with “Off-hand”. The difference is that for this trophy you can use any weapon, vehicle or stationary gun to get 10 kills. In Conquest this is very easy as you have more than enough time to get 10 kills.
    Hoist the Flag
    In Multiplayer, capture 10 flags in Frontlines
    For this you must play Frontlines mode in Multiplayer. In this mode you must capture flags to push back the enemy. You must go to the flags and be there when they get captured (represented by the bar that fills up at the top of the screen in the flag’s radius). Captures that your team does without you won’t count. You must be alive and in the flag’s radius at the time of capture!
    Play a round of Conquest on each of the launch maps
    The following are the launch maps needed for this trophy (without DLC):

    1. Narvik
    2. Devastation
    3. Twisted Steel
    4. Rotterdam
    5. Fjell 652
    6. Hamada
    7. Arras
    8. Aerodrome

    You have two options to get this:

    B) Search for specific maps through filters. Multiplayer > Advanced Search > Game Modes: Conquest > Maps: Your Missing Map > View Servers > Join.

    The second option allows you to find exactly the maps you’re missing. You only have to be there at the end of the round. You don’t have to be there when the match starts, so joining in and playing the round until the end is okay (or camping until the match ends). Write down your completed maps to keep track. If you’re lucky it will join you into a match that’s almost complete so you can get this done quicker. On your way to 500,000 Player Score you must play a lot of matches anyway and can combine this along the way.

    Death from Above
    In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane
    By far the hardest and most tedious trophy in the game. It’s highly recommended you boost this with a friend (or leave your ID in the comment section below to find players).You must fly a plane and destroy a stationary anti-air weapon (Flak / AA-Gun) that has an enemy sitting inside of it. This is best done in Conquest Mode with the bomber plane on the map “Arras”.

    Stay in the deploy screen and keep the cursor over your main base, the one with the flag icon. When a plane becomes available, select the bomber plane (the left one). Be quick before someone else grabs the plane. Once in the plane, press :triangle: to switch to bombs. While in first-person cockpit view, press :l2: to aim the bombs and :r2: to release them. Be sure to drop all 4 bombs at once for maximum damage. You must blow up the anti-air gun while someone is sitting in it (for the trophy it only counts when you destroy both the gun and player at the same time). If done correctly it will award you points for “Stationary Weapon Destroyed”. Without boosting you’d have to get really lucky that someone is manning a stationary weapon so it could take hours. Not only that but you also need to be skilled enough to hit the stationary weapon perfectly to blow it up with the bombs. After dropping your bombs, fly through the white refill icons in the sky to regain 4 bombs. It’s much faster when a friend helps you out. Do note that anti-tank weaponry does not count! Only anti-air (Flak / AA-Gun) counts, which respawn every few seconds at each team’s base camp.

    Make sure you finish the match for it to save your kills (don’t quit out).

    How to Boost:

    1. Remove the other person from your friends list (temporarily). Otherwise it will try to join you both in the same team. You need to be on opposite teams!
    2. Go to Multiplayer > Advanced Search > Game Modes: Conquest, Map: Arras, Slots: 10+ > View Servers. Join a Server and tell your boosting partner the Server Number. You can experiment with joining servers that have only about 16-30 players or full servers. Low-density servers are better because there are fewer people trying to grab the Bomber Plane and you have fewer enemies trying to shoot you down. The map “Arras” works best because it’s just a small flat space with stationary weapons at each team’s camp.
    3. Boosting Partner enters the Server number in Multiplayer > Advanced Search > Name (e.g. 56894) > View Servers. Then joins the server (must repeat until you’re on opposing teams).
    4. One player hops in the stationary anti-air weapon (Flak) at their base camp. They can shoot in the air straight above to make it easier for the other player to see their location. However, you should have played matches on this map beforehand to know where each team’s camp is, so it’s easier to find.
    5. The second player waits in the deployment screen until a bomber plane is available, then flies over to the first player, press :triangle: to select bombs, in first-person cockpit mode press :l2: to aim down and :r2: to drop all 4 bombs simultaneously. If done correctly it will blow up the stationary Flak and the other player. If you have trouble, have the player by the stationary gun put some explosives next to it for an easier destruction and also weaken the guns “health” by throwing grenades or other explosives at it.
    6. The first player respawns and mans the second Flak at their base camp. If all stationary Flaks have been destroyed, wait 30-60 seconds for them to respawn.
    7. The plane player needs to reload the Bombs after each run by flying through the white refill icons in the sky (also marked on minimap).

    Rinse and repeat the above tactic. Ideally, try to get 5 of these kills in one match. If you can’t, be sure to play the match until the end for your kills to save correctly (don’t quit out). Hitting the target is not too hard. Normally the problem is that people don’t use stationary guns but since your boosting partner is taking care of it, you remove the luck component and are done much quicker.

    Fender Bender
    In Multiplayer, roadkill 5 enemies
    Simply drive over 5 enemies (counts across multiple matches). This is best done with a tank. When you redeploy, keep the cursor on your base and wait for a tank to become available or try to be really fast at the start of the match to be the first to grab one. You can of course use other vehicles too, whatever is available.
    Grim Reaper
    In Multiplayer, kill 30 enemies
    Kill a combined 30 enemies across multiple matches (doesn’t have to be in one match). Will come automatically on your way to 500,000 Player Score.
    Call ’em in!
    In Multiplayer, as a squad leader call in 2 reinforcements in a round
    First you’ll want to make your own squad to ensure you’re the leader. Join any match (ideally Conquest), press Options-Button > Squads > :triangle: to make new squad. When people join your Squad it will count your combined achieved score together as the Squad Score (you can also do it solo but it will go slower).To call in Reinforcements you need at least 2450 Squad Points which you get for anything you do (capturing objectives, killing enemies, helping your team etc.).

    Hold :l1: + :r1: to view the reinforcement, :r-down: to select Supply Canister Drop (2450 points, cheapest option) > It should equip you with Binoculars, press :l2: to aim them and :r2: to request the Supply Drop at the designated area. You don’t have to collect the supply drop, just request it two times. That costs you 2 x 2450 points (4900 total). You can request the same one twice in a row.

    Combat Engineer
    In Multiplayer, build 10 fortifications in a round
    During any match (e.g. Conquest) press :down: to equip tools. Around the map you can find fortifications with white outlines. These are usually near flags. Press :r2: on them to build them. This takes a few seconds to complete and earns you a few points. Build any 10 of these fortifications in a single match. It’s really easy, there are lots of them close together at flag zones and you can get this trophy in 1- 2 minutes.
    Heads Down
    In Multiplayer, fully suppress 5 enemies
    To “suppress” an enemy you need to shoot near them. Then you get some points with the on-screen notice “Enemy Suppressed”. The easiest option is to park a tank or another vehicle with a turret near an enemy flag in Conquest. Then use the turret to shoot up the flag area. Don’t shoot at enemies directly, just shoot near them. Then you’ll easily get lots of these enemy suppressions. Park your vehicle far enough away that enemies won’t kill you and keep firing at the flag area (accuracy isn’t important here after all). It counts across multiple matches, doesn’t have to be in the same match.
    Jack of All Trades
    Earn 100,000 score as an Assault, Medic, Support and Recon
    Class Progress can be checked in Title Screen > Profile > Statistics > Classes > Score.You must earn 100,000 Score with each class (which is the same as XP). You get Score / XP for anything you do – helping team members, capturing objectives, hitting or suppressing enemies etc.

    For this trophy you’ll need 100,000 score with each of the 4 available classes. It takes roughly 4 hours per class. You should focus on objectives for this as they give the most points (e.g. flags in Conquest). Just play how you want with each class and enjoy the game. This also counts towards your 500,000 player score for the “Elite” trophy.

    Eager Beaver
    Earn 150,000 score as a Player
    See trophy “Elite”.
    Earn 500,000 score as a Player
    This requires you to gain 500,000 score across all classes. It ties in perfectly with the trophy “Jack of All Trades” which requires you to get 100,000 score with all 4 classes, so 400,000 score is done with that. Afterward, just keep playing until this trophy pops.Progress can be checked in Title Screen > Profile > Statistics > Classes > Score > Add up the scores of all 4 classes. In total this may take you around 15 hours but can be quicker depending on skill. Focus on objectives, e.g. flags in Conquest and helping your teammates (refilling their health, ammo, reviving them) for some additional quick points. Killing enemies is always good but gives less points than the objectives.
    Last Man Standing
    In Multiplayer, have 3 squad members spawn on you
    This will probably be your first trophy. Super easy, join any squad and when your teammates die they can choose to spawn on your position. Just camp in a safe area and wait for your squad members to spawn on you after they have died.
    Not On My Watch
    In Multiplayer, perform 10 squad revives
    Regardless of your Class, you can always revive your squad mates (outlined in green color). Squads can have up to 4 players. Make sure you join a squad of 4 people to make this easier (after joining a match, press Options-Button and pick a squad with one free slot). You don’t have to play as a Medic for this, any class can revive squad mates.What’s important here is that only squad mates count, not other allied players (who are outlined in blue). It counts across multiple matches, doesn’t have to be in one match.
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