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    Well…Just started with Diablo, so I have searched the net for some character builds i would like to try


    Meteor Wizard Tal Rasha Variation

    Active Skills
    Arcane Torrent -> Static Discharge
    Teleport -> Calamity
    Meteor -> Meteor Shower
    Magic Weapon -> Deflection
    Frost Nova -> Frozen Mist
    Storm Armor  -> Power of the Storm

    Passive Skills
    Unwavering Will


    TAL Gear

    Kanai’s Cube
    Nilfur’s Boast
    Aquila Cuirass in the Armor slot
    Halo of Karini (with a trivial requirement of using Storm Armor in the build)

    (Taken from https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/meteor-wizard-tal-rasha-variation)

    Getting TAL set options:

    – Get blood shards at rifts -> Spend them at Kadala for Armor and Source, and have some luck

    – For the weapon, it’s probably best to upgrade yellows into legendaries with the cube

    your difficulty level is important in matters of loot drop ammount, past T6 Rifts or lv35 Grifst, Rift Guardians will drop at least 4 legendaries and at least one will be a set piece, thats how it works for me…




    Grim Scythe (Cursed Scythe Rune) – This is a build that will mostly be you going around hacking stuff down with your overpowered scythe that does loads of damage, applies every curse and kills stuff in range of the massive damage boost of Inarius’ Bone Armor tornado bonus.

    Corpse Lance (Brittle Touch Rune) – Good for burning down elites or bosses or anything still standing after a few scythe hacks

    Decrepify (Dizzying Curse Rune) – Yes, your scythe already applies this curse but you get a damage reduction from your belt and a damage increase from one of your passives for every enemy under the influence, so spam this everywhere as much as you can.

    Bone Armor (Dislocation Rune) – The core skill of the build due to the Inarius bonus. Don’t forget to activate it to do a surprisingly large amount of damage/stun everything around you for damage reduction.

    Blood Rush (Potency Rune) – Just for mobility/speedrunning with a little defensive boost from the rune.

    Land of the Dead (Frozen Lands Rune) – Stupidly good for defense in any hairy situation, freezes everything from normal enemies to bosses solid, allows you to corpse lance non-stop for good measure.


    Blood is Power – Keeps the cooldown low on Bone Armor, Blood Rush and Land of the Dead

    Stand Alone – Bonus armor for a pet-free build

    Spreading Malediction – Bonus damage and why you spam Decrepify everywhere

    Overwhelming Essence – This is for your weapon which will give you a big damage boost even though this build uses no essence.

    Gear Loadout

    Set (Head/Chest/Shoulders/Arms/Legs/Pants/Boots) – Grace of Inarius – The set that makes the magic happen. Boosts damage with a Bone Armor tornado and your scythe does the rest for the most part.

    Bracers – Ancient Parthan Defenders – Decrepify and Bone Armor both stun so these will come in handy for constant damage reduction.

    Belt – Dayntee’s Binding – More damage reduction.

    Necklace – The Traveler’s Pledge – Even more damage reduction, plus a damage boost when moving.

    Rings – The Compass Rose/Unity – The other half of the necklace set, and Unity pairing with an immortal follower flat out cuts remaining damage in half.

    Weapon – Reilana’s Shadowhook – The big two-hander (it’s so ugly, please transmorg it) that gives you a huge damage boost with a lot of essence. Find an ancient one ASAP.

    Kanai’s Cube

    Weapon – Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang – This is what makes your scythe godlike. The original version of this build I saw had you actually carrying this with the Leger’s Disdain offhand, but the two-hander is probably better.

    Armor – Aquila Cuirass – Since you don’t use essence in this build, even more damage reduction.

    Ring – Krysbin’s Sentence – Big damage boost on all your stunned/slowed/frozen enemies. This ring seems stupidly overpowered in general.


    Bane of the Trapped – This is in like every melee range build ever made, so naturally it’s here as well.

    Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver – This is a surprise key component of this build because the Bone Armor tornado actually procs it frequently for huge damage.

    Pain Enhancer – Honestly I have no idea but I’m slave to conformity.


    Active Skills
    Blessed Hammer  Limitless Falling Sword  Rapid Descent1 Laws of Valor  Critical2 Iron Skin  Flash3 Provoke  Too Scared to Run4 Akarat’s Champion  Prophet
    Passive Skills
    Fervor Holy Cause Indestructible Finery
    (battle.net link)
    4.1. Gear Setup
    The required gear setup for the Blessed Hammer Crusader is listed below. Check the Gear page for detailed information on choices, alternatives, gemming, Kanai’s Cube and Paragon distribution. It also includes detailed explanations for Season 16 adjustments.

    Helm:   Crown of the Light
    Shoulders:   Mountain of the Light
    Gloves:   Will of the Light
    Chest:   Heart of the Light
    Belt:   Sacred Harness
    Pants:   Towers of the Light (or   Hammer Jammers in Season 16)
    Boots:   Foundation of the Light
    Bracers:   Gabriel’s Vambraces
    Amulet:   The Traveler’s Pledge
    Ring 1:   The Compass Rose
    Ring 2:   Convention of Elements
    Weapon:   Johanna’s Argument
    Offhand:   Guard of Johanna
    4.2. Legendary Gems
    Legendary Gem 1:   Bane of the Trapped
    Legendary Gem 2:   Gogok of Swiftness
    Legendary Gem 3:   Bane of the Stricken
    4.3. Kanai’s Cube
    Weapon Slot:   Faithful Memory
    Armor Slot:   Hammer Jammers (or   Leoric’s Crown in Season 16)
    Jewelry Slot:   Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac


    Wizard Vyr Archon Build


    Top tier Necromancer (Solo/Group)

    Active Skills
    Corpse Lance  -> Brittle Touch
    Blood Rush -> Molting
    Simulacrum -> Reservoir
    Land of the Dead ->  Frozen Lands
    Decrepify -> Borrowed Time
    Devour -> Satiated

    Passive Skills
    Overwhelming Essence
    Blood is Power
    Spreading Malediction
    Stand Alone

    Gear Setup
    Helm:   Leoric’s Crown
    Shoulders:   Corpsewhisper Pauldrons
    Gloves:   Frostburn
    Chest:   Aquila Cuirass
    Belt:   The Witching Hour
    Pants:   Swamp Land Waders
    Boots:   Steuart’s Greaves
    Bracers:   Nemesis Bracers
    Amulet:   The Johnstone
    Ring 1:   Convention of Elements (or   The Wailing Host in early progression)
    Ring 2:   Stone of Jordan (or   Litany of the Undaunted in early progression)
    Weapon:   Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang
    Offhand:   Lost Time

    Legendary Gems
    Legendary Gem 1:   Bane of the Trapped
    Legendary Gem 2:   Zei’s Stone of Vengeance
    Legendary Gem 3:   Legacy of Dreams

    Kanai’s Cube
    Weapon Slot:   Reilena’s Shadowhook
    Armor Slot:   Dayntee’s Binding
    Jewelry Slot:   Krysbin’s Sentence


    Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence

    Active Skills

    Evasive Fire  Focus

    Multishot  Wind Chill

    1 Preparation  -> Invigoration

    2 Vengeance -> Seethe

    3 Vault -> Tumble

    4 Companion -> Wolf Companion

    Passive Skills
    Ambush Blood


    Cull the Weak

    Tactical Advantage

    Gear Setup
    Helm:   Accursed Visage
    Shoulders:   Unsanctified Shoulders
    Gloves:   Fiendish Grips
    Chest:   Cage of the Hellborn
    Belt:   Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle
    Pants:   Captain Crimson’s Thrust
    Boots:   Hell Walkers
    Bracers:   Wraps of Clarity
    Amulet:   Squirt’s Necklace
    Ring 1:   Focus
    Ring 2:   Restraint
    Weapon:   Yang’s Recurve
    Offhand:   Dead Man’s Legacy

    Legendary Gems
    Legendary Gem 1:   Bane of the Trapped
    Legendary Gem 2:   Zei’s Stone of Vengeance
    Legendary Gem 3:   Bane of the Stricken

    Kanai’s Cube
    Weapon Slot:   Dawn
    Armor Slot:   Visage of Gunes
    Jewelry Slot:   Ring of Royal Grandeur

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