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    Get to Lvl 70, and Clear Campaign Mode
    Set pieces are only available at level 70 (at difficulty level Torment 1 and up), so obviously you will need to be level 70. By the time you are 70 you should have already cleared Campaign Mode (beaten Diablo/Malthael ), but if you haven’t go back and do that. Once you’ve cleared Campaign Mode you’ll get access to Adventure Mode, and that is where you will want to be from now on. As long as you have all yellow quality gear, Torment 1 should be fairly easy.

    Maximum Difficulty
    At all times while trying to get set pieces, you should have the game set to the highest difficulty level you can safely manage. The higher the difficulty level, the greater your innate magic find chance will be, and the more goodies will drop. A good rule of thumb here is that you should be able to mostly ignore trash mobs (the regular every day guys) and go straight for the elites (blues and yellows). If you find that you have trouble with the little guys, turn it down some. Conversely, if you’re finding that you can stand in fire and one shot the elites, turn it up. Keep it as hard as you can get without it slowing you down too much. Clearing stuff FAST on an easier difficulty is going to be better than cranking it sky high and spending 10x as long slogging through it all.

    Get Kanai’s Cube
    Once in Adventure Mode, go to Act III, The Ruins of Sescheron and find Kanai’s Cube. This is a VERY important thing to have in general, and is going to be the easiest way to start getting your first set pieces.

    Collect Death’s Breath, Upgrade Rares
    The first and easiest (if more time consuming) method of getting set pieces and legendaries is to use the Kanai’s Cube recipe for Upgrade Rare. This is going to cost you 25 Death’s Breath and some crafting material per shot, but it is a 100% chance to get a semi-random legendary or set piece item every time.

    Death’s Breath is a special drop off of elites (yellows and when you kill all 3-4 blues in a pack), with more dropping at higher difficulties than at lowers once you reach level 61+. Save all of it you find.

    When using this recipe, you will get the same type of item out as you put in, so if you put in a rare (a yellow quality item) 1h sword, you will always get a legendary or set piece 1h sword back out. A helm will always give you a helm, a shield a shield, etc. I said semi-random earlier because this is a weighted chance, with weaker legendaries being much more common to get than some of the best stuff.

    This method is the slowest, but also the first you can easily do without any gear at all. Just craft the base item at Haedrig’s and toss it in the cube, you’ll always get something better out in return.

    Nephalem Rifts
    Available from the start of Adventure Mode, these are the same difficulty level as the game you are in. They’re big randomly generated maps full of monsters that you can just blow through and kill to your heart’s content. Important things to note here are that legendary and set item drop percentages are at +100% here (that means you are twice as likely to have one drop at the same difficulty as you are out in the wild), and that there is a high percentage of elites for you to get Death’s Breath from. You can get lucky and have random legendaries/set pieces drop here at lower difficulty levels, but its only going to be at the high levels that they start dropping like candy, and you likely can’t do those high level difficulties yet. The Rift Guardian at the end will have even higher chances to drop set pieces than the rest of the rift, but more importantly they will drop Keystones and Blood Shards at a reliable pace.

    Now that you have Blood Shards, you can use them to gamble on gear from Kadala, a new NPC that you will find in town in Adventure Mode. You pick which type of item you want to gamble on (like Upgrade Rare, you’ll always get something in the type you picked, 1h sword, shield, helm, etc), and spend your blood shards. Most of the time you will get blue or yellow quality items, occasionally you’ll get a legendary or a set piece. You have an upper limit on how many blood shards you can carry at once (which increases as you run higher level Greater Rifts using those Keystones you found in the Nephalem Rifts off the guardian), so you might as well spend them.

    Note: Gamble on armor pieces primarily, jewelry as a secondary thing, and don’t bother gambling on weapons. Armor/Shields/Offhands are only 25 shards each, jewelry is 50, weapons are 100. Since gambling is all about high quantity to get what you want, you’re better off just upgrading rares for weapons, but better at gambling for armor. Jewelry is a tossup, do both or either as needed.

    Greater Rifts
    These are like Nephalem Rifts, except that you choose the difficulty level and the monsters don’t drop any loot at all. You just get tokens to increase how quickly you get to the Rift Guardian (just like you do in Nephalem Rifts). However, to make up for this, the Rift Guardian has better drops, and you will get legendary gems and the ability to upgrade legendary gems. As long as you don’t need Death’s Breath right this second, and as long as you have rift keystones, Greater Rifts are a better way to get random set piece drops and blood shards than Nephalem Rifts are.

    Convert Set Item
    It is highly unlikely that you will simply get one of each piece you want for a specific set without getting duplicates. When you do, use Kanai’s Cube with the Convert Set Piece recipe, which will cost you some Death’s Breath and Forgotten Souls (the crafting material you get from salvaging legendaries). Toss in your spare set piece, and it will convert into another random piece of the same set. So with enough death’s breath and forgotten souls, you could turn 6 pairs of boots for a single set into the full set.

    Note: This won’t be very important to you right now, but using Convert Set Item cannot generate an Ancient or Primal version of the set piece you get, only the base version. But if you’re reading this, you probably just want to complete your first set anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Reforge Legendary
    This is more for the advanced end of things. If you use the Reforge Legendary recipe in the Cube, it will regenerate the item you put in it as if it just dropped, which means it will reroll all the stats on it, which means it can come out as an Ancient or Primal piece. So if you’re gunning for higher end set pieces, you can farm up a normal version or use Convert Set Item to get a normal version, and then use this repeatedly until you get a really good version of it.

    Note: Don’t be discouraged that you can’t do the high level torments right away. Your power is going to grow exponentially. You should be able to do T8-10 AFTER you get your basic 6 piece set bonus, and once you can farm T10+ it will make getting your next sets MUCH easier.


    Credits tro REDDIT (Edymnion)

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