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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Platinum Trophy
    Collected all other Diablo III: Reaper of Souls trophies  
    Self-explanatory, just like any other game with a platinum trophy, collect all other trophies and this will be yours.
    Deep Pockets
    Pick up 500,000 gold.  
    This trophy will come naturally while progressing through the campaign. This should pop around the end of act 5, if not, it will be one of the first trophies you get during adventure mode.
    The Comfort of Strangers
    Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.  
    The Templar and Scoundrel will be unlocked throughout Act 1 and the Enchantress will be unlocked at the beginning of Act 2. Please note that this trophy can only be unlocked while playing solo since you cannot have a follower while in a party. To unlock the trophy you will have to have them follow you when asked and if you said no, you can just go to town where they are standing then press to swap them out for whatever follower you are currently using until you have had all 3 with you.
    Up All Night To Get Lucky
    Equip all Inventory slots with Legendary items that have a minimum required level of 70 or higher.  
    To get this trophy you will have to deck out your character in Legendary items. Legendary items are the best quality you can find and it can be both the orange(legendary) and the green(set) items. A nice thing to do to get this a bit faster is to get to level 70, then craft items for the slot you need at the Blacksmith. If you have trouble finding items, try to do bounties to receive the Horadic Caches from Tyrael for completing all 5 bounties in a single Act. These caches can contain Legendary items that are not obtainable anywhere else than from those caches. Running rifts will also increase your chance of legendaries since the drop rate is much much higher in there. If you have trouble getting items for your character, try to use the item thread here. A friend or boosting partner can drop their legendary items for you, then you can equip them before returning them for an easy trophy once you hit level 70.

    Another great tip is to save the Gifts you receive from people and then open them at level 70.

    Breaking Not So Bad
    Use a merchant to repair an item.  
    This trophy will come naturally while progressing through the campaign. Simply walk up to any vendor or the Blacksmith, go to the Repair menu and press to repair your items.
    Socket to Me
    Socket a gem in an item.  
    To unlock this trophy you simply have to find any gem (there are 5 types of gems) and then find an item that has an open socket in it and simply put that gem into the item.
    A New Start
    Complete 5 Bounties.  
    See Batting 500.
    Batting 500
    Complete 500 Bounties.  
    This is a trophy that will take a while. For this trophy you will first have to complete the campaign on any difficulty. Once the campaign is completed, Adventure Mode will unlock. Here you will be able to check your world map to see which zones have Bounties. A bounty is a simple quest where you are asked to do a specific task in that zone, be it killing 100 monsters and slaying a rare monster, killing a boss, clearing a certain dungeon or completing an event. Once you have completed all 5 bounties in a single Act, you will be given a huge experience bonus along with a Horadic Cache which can contain some very rare Cache-only legendary items. The amount of bounties completed will be shared throughout all your characters on your account. Please note that if you decide to do this while in a party, you need to make sure that all players are present when the bounty is completed, standing in town will not count towards completion.
    Just Riffing
    Kill 500 Monsters while in Nephalem Rifts.  
    For this trophy you will first have to do enough bounties until you have gathered enough Rift Shard Fragments. Each rift costs 5 fragments to open. A Nephalem Rift is a random generated dungeon that will require you to slay enough monsters until the Rift Guardian spawns. Once the Rift Guardian is killed you can then close the rift in town to recieve a large bonus to experience. Rifts will drop a lot of items. Simply keep doing rifts until you have 500 monsters slain, should not be more than 1-2 rifts for this trophy. Also note that you don’t have to leave as soon as you kill the boss, you may explore until you run out of dungeons. See Dashing through the Rift for a chance to knock out 2 trophies at once.
    Dashing through the Rift
    Finish a Nephalem Rift within 15 Minutes.  
    To get this trophy you will need to open a rift as explained above, then close it again within 15 minutes. You can track your rift progress on the bar shown once inside the rift. When the bar is filled to 100%, then the Rift Guardian will spawn and once it is dead you can return to town and speak to Oreg and have him close the rift for you. The timer is very generous and if you have trouble getting this, try lowering the difficulty to make it easier.
    The Mad King’s End
    Kill the Skeleton King.  
    The Skeleton King is the sub-boss you will encounter in Act 1 once you get to the Royal Crypts. He will summon skeletons and use his whirlwind attack. Overall a very simple fight. Once he is defeated, the trophy will pop.
    Kill the Butcher.  
    The Butcher is the final boss of Act 1 and can be found at the end of Halls of Agony level 3. The Butcher will fill the room with fire, cast out chains at you while trying to charge you and stun you. He can also hook you close to him followed by a massive blow. If you have trouble with healing, there are 2 healing wells placed in the top corners. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    The Last of the Horadrim
    Complete all quests in Act I.  
    This trophy will naturally be earned after finishing the last quest in Act 1, simply talk to the guy in Act 1 after and he will take you to Act 2 where the trophy will pop.
    The Coven Overthrown
    Kill Maghda.  
    Maghda is the first sub-boss you will encounter in act 2. She will summon various forces to aid her and she also uses a swarm attack that will chase you. Once she is defeated the trophy will pop.
    Murderer. Torturer. Monster.
    Kill Zoltun Kulle.  
    Zoltun Kulle is the second Sub-boss you will encounter towards the end of Act 2, he will have 2 guardians protecting him and he can teleport around making debris fall from the skies and slowing your movement with slow time bubbles. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    The Lord of Lies
    Kill Belial.  
    Belial is the final boss of Act 2 and will spawn in several phases. The first phase requires you to deal with a lot of snake guards. Shortly after that he will spawn as a miniboss that you have to get to around 20% life before he decides to become gigantic and start bashing you with heavy punches. It is pretty easy to avoid his attacks because of the huge green pools he spawns. Simply remember that standing in green stuff is bad and this should be a breeze. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    The Black Soulstone
    Complete all quests in Act II.  
    This trophy will naturally be earned after finishing the last quest in Act 2, simply talk to the guy in Act 2 after and he will take you to Act 3 where the trophy will pop.
    The Ravening Beast
    Kill Ghom.  
    Ghom is the first sub-boss of Act 3 and can be found in the Larder at the end of the Keep’s Depths level 3. He will spawn small blobs and slowly fill the room with acid. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    Making a Breakthrough
    Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast.  
    Siegebreaker is the second sub-boss in Act 3 and he has a damage reflect aura that causes you to take damage whenever he takes any hit. Siegebreaker will also grab you and squeeze you along with spawning monsters to help him in battle. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    The Lord of Sin
    Kill Azmodan.  
    Azmodan is the final boss of Act 3 and he will spawn portals that will spawn further monsters to aid him. On top of that he will also fill the room with blood pools and make debris of bones fall from the ceiling. After defeating him the trophy will pop.
    The Wages of Sin
    Complete all quests in Act III.  
    This trophy will naturally be earned after finishing the last quest in Act 3, simply walk up to the portal in Act 3 after and it will take you to Act 4 where the trophy will pop.
    The Prime Evil
    Kill Diablo.  
    Diablo is the final boss of Act 4 and she (yes, it’s a she) will consist of 3 phases. The first phase you will fight her on her plateau and she will cast bone prisons, fires and she can teleport to punch you. Once you get her health low enough she will stomp the ground and teleport you to the realm of terror where she will spawn a copy of each player fighting her. once you killed the spawn she will reappear and cast several spells at you until she reaches 66% where she will repeat the clone process. She does this again at 33% and after you get her to 1% she will reappear at the plateau and spawn phase 3. In phase 3 you will be back at the beginning and she will have an improved arsenal of spells at her disposal. There are healing wells in the west and east side of the plateau should you need it. Watch out for black shades on the ground which indicates that she will cast bone prison. Once she is defeated the trophy will pop.
    Victory and Sacrifice
    Complete all quests in Act IV.  
    This trophy will naturally be earned after defeating Diablo and speaking to the Angel which then will take you to Act 5.
    Fire in Your New Boots
    Kill Urzael.  
    Urzael is the first sub-boss in Act 5, he has a massive amount of HP compared to the previous sub-boss and will use various fire based attacks indicated on the ground so you have time to move. The fight is quite simple and in the middle of the fight he will enrage himself creating new abilities and making random wooden pieces fall from the ceiling. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.
    Kill Adria.  
    Adria is the second sub-boss in Act 5 and she is somewhat in a different form than the last time you saw her.. she will spawn several blood pools which will damage you if you touch them. She also sprays area of effect attacks at your party. Once she is defeated the trophy will pop.
    Death Do Us Part
    Kill Malthael.  
    Malthael is the final boss of the game and can be found at the Pandemonium fortress level 3. Malthael will spawn deadly clouds that damages you if walk into them, along with spawn adds and spirits flying around damaging you. He will also use a windshield that makes him hit very hard in melee range. when you get to about 50% life, he will start porting to the middle and casting a blood-looking spell. When he cast that spell make sure that stand behind him or you might get killed. Once he is dead the trophy will pop
    Don’t Fear the Reaper
    Complete all quests in Act V.  
    This trophy will come naturally after killing Malthael. Simply turn in the quest and the trophy will be yours.
    Above & Beyond (Hardcore)
    Reach level 70 in Hardcore mode.  
    This trophy will be the most fragile trophy on the list. Playing hardcore mode requires you to not die a single time since it results in losing your character permanently. Also note that nothing except for challenge progress carries over from softcore. Remember that you can play on Normal difficulty for this trophy to lower the risk of dying. Shizo has made a little contribution to how you can survive easier on hardcore, you can find the post here. Some classes are easier than others when it comes to surviving. Personally I would recommend a crusader due to the fact that they have an insane amount of escape mobility and lifesavers such as Akkarat’s Champion which has a rune that does so you can take fatal damage once then get healed to full. On top of that they also have a passive skill that does the same. Along with Iron skin, which when activated, reduces all incoming damage by 50%.

    See Above & Beyond below for more general information on leveling.

    Huge thanks to Shizo for the guide.

    Reign of Terror
    Kill Diablo in Hardcore mode.  
    For this trophy you will have to kill Diablo in Hardcore mode which I would recommend you do once you feel comfortable enough with your current items before you engage her. See The Prime Evil for more in depth info on Diablo. You can always back up your savegame incase you should die then simply reload it. Remember that you can always have the difficulty set to Normal to avoid any further trouble, and if you know someone who is a high level in hardcore, they can help out, but still be careful as you can still die easily.
    May His Death Satisfy You
    Kill Malthael in Hardcore mode.  
    For this trophy you will have to kill Malthael in Hardcore mode which I would recommend you do once you feel comfortable enough with your current items before you engage him. See Death Do Us Part for more in-depth info on Malthael. You can always back up your save game incase you should die then simply reload it. Remember that you can always have the difficulty set to Normal to avoid any further trouble, and if you know someone who is a high level in hardcore, they can help out, but still be careful as you can still die easily.
    Above & Beyond
    Reach level 70.  
    Level 70 is the maximum level in this game. Should you have imported a level 60 from your previous Ps3 savegame, this trophy will be very fast to obtain. There are several good ways to level up, upping the difficulty will increase the % of experience you gain. Once you have completed the campaign and you can enter Adventure Mode you will quickly see the experience gains are insane compared to the campaign. You get experience doing bounties, doing rifts and simply slaying monsters while completing events. See Dream Team below for more information on how to effectively level your characters.
    Dream Team
    Reach level 70 with 6 different classes.  
    WARNING: There is potential problem with this trophy in the PS3 version of the game, I don’t know if this make it missable or is a glitch but it’s worth mentioning so read this thread before starting the game: LINK

    This trophy along with Batting 500 will be what takes up the most of your time in Reaper of Souls. To get this trophy you will need to level all classes to level 70 and to do this I have found the best strategy to be boosting with one or several of your friends. In Reaper of Souls you have this new feature called “Apprentice Mode”. Apprentice mode kicks in if there is a level difference between the players in the game. For example I was playing with my 2 buddies which were both level 70 where I joined with a level 2. My stats were directly upgraded to be on par with the 2 other players in the party. You still gain loot appropriate to you own level, but the experience gain was insane. 10 levels in around 5-10 mins which will be the way to go if you want to get this trophy out of the way. There are several items that increases experience gained as well. Some notable items are the crafted Hellfire Rings(that has no level requirement(Both level 60 and level 70 versions)) and the Leoric’s Signet.

    The items mentioned above all gives bonus experience and can be equipped on both yourself and on your followers for an extra bonus gain. On top of the rings there are also the Cain’s Set which will increase experience gained by 50%(!) To top it all off you can also socket the helmet with a Ruby which at the highest rank gives you a 41% increased bonus to experience gained. There is no level requirement on the gems either. If you have any further tips on leveling, then feel free to add them later on and I will update the guide with it.

    Another important note is that your Hardcore characters will also count towards this, so getting to level 70 on hardcore with for example, a Barbarian, then getting the 5 other classes to 70 on Softcore will still pop the trophy.

    If you need someone to help you level up, try to use the thread here for partners.

    The Elitist
    Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.  
    An elite monster will be displayed with either a Blue (champions), Yellow (Rare) or Purple (Unique) name. They will always spawn in packs of at least 3 and have several special abilities that can be very dangerous in certain combinations. Getting this trophy will naturally occur while progressing through the campaign and if not, then it will be of the first trophies you will get while doing bounties in adventure mode.
    Greed over Need
    Kill 100 Treasure Goblins.  
    Treasure Goblins are these small annoying creatures that will run away once you engage them and will drop a huge amount of loot if they are killed before they jump into their portal (if you take too long to kill it). They are not that common, but you should encounter quite a few during your first playthrough. There is also another way to get a good chunk of these out of the way, which is by doing rifts. Rifts have a chance of actually spawning a whole pack of goblins (I’ve seen a total of 10 packs (50 goblins) in the same Rift), but this is something that can be extremely rare. Your best bet is to find them in the Rifts though.
    If you are on PS4, you can follow this tip by homerjrnick:” A good way to get goblin kills is to get into the goblins lair called The Vault. This was a random portal that appeared after killing a goblin but you can now force open the portal. Simply get the Kanai Cube from Act V and you get a new artisan in your town. Interacting with the cube gives you some options but if you have a Puzzle Ring in your inventory of your character then the first option will be “???” and will consume the Puzzle Ring…if you do this then it opens a portal to The Vault where you will encounter something like 5 goblins. “
    Demolition Derby
    Get a destruction callout for breaking 50 objects.  
    To get this trophy you will have to break 50 objects within quick succession before an internal timer expires. You will see on the screen how many objects have been destroyed. There are several places this can be done easily. For example in a Rift you can find a Conduit Pylon, this pylon will make you zap lightning at anything that is close to you including breakable objects. Breaking at least 7 objects will increase your run speed for half a minute which will make it even easier to obtain the streak. Using the boots Fire Walkers will make this a breeze since it will leave a fiery trailer behind you and you don’t have to cast any spells to destroy objects, you can simply walk into them. Another great place to get this is in the Royal Crypts in Act 1, there are several jars to destroy on the way to the skeleton king, try to scout out a route before destroying anything and this should be fairly simple.
    Made to Order
    Craft 5 items.  
    See Custom-Fit.
    Craft 100 items.  
    To get this trophy you will need to craft 100 items from either of the blacksmith and the jeweler. Both gems and armor count towards the completion of this trophy.
    Forged Credentials
    Raise the Blacksmith to level 12.  
    See Maximum Myriam
    Raise the Jeweler to level 12.  
    See Maximum Myriam
    Maximum Myriam
    Raise the Mystic to level 12.  
    To raise an artisan to level 12 you will need to go to the training tab when you speak them, you then have to train them using your gold up to level 10, then from there you will need some gold along with an item called Death’s Breath which is a drop from level 60+ elites.
    I Feel So Enchanting
    Enchant all your equipment slots.  
    For this trophy you will need to talk to Myriam once you have her unlocked her (See A Mystical Meeting for more info on how to unlock her). She can replace a stat on your items into another one that might suit you better. Each item can have one stat rerolled into some other stat of the same value. Each time you reroll the stat you will get 3 new options to select and then find the one that suits you most. For this trophy you will need to reroll one stat on all equipment slots. To see if you have enchanted an item, check the stats and you will see this little icon next to the property.
    Replace a property with Enchanting.  
    See I Feel So Enchanting.
    A Mystical Meeting
    Acquire the Mystic.  
    The Mystic is the third and final artisan you will unlock during the campaign in Act 5. See I Feel So Enchanting for more information on what she can do for you.
    Combine gems.  
    For this trophy you will need to unlock Shen the Jeweler. He can combine 2-3 smaller gems into one of a higher rank. Do this once and the trophy will Unlock
    DLC: Rise of the Necromancer
    Cost: 12.99 Trophies: 10
    The Silence When You Speak to Me
    Listen to all of Master Ordan’s conversations in the Pandemonium Fortress.  
    Allegedly, this trophy can be buggy in co-op mode. Master Ordan is a phantom that is very hard to miss. Be sure to exhaust his dialogue options whenever present. I got this trophy after my second encounter with him. Here is a video in case you need it:

    Serve the Balance
    Reach level 70 with a Necromancer.  
    This should come naturally as you progress through the campaign. I mainly played on Torment and earned this during Act V.
    Bringer of Order
    Complete Act V with a Necromancer.  
    Story related and cannot be missed. Simply complete the campaign as the Necromancer for this trophy.
    Bone Skewer
    Damage 40 enemies with Bone Spear in 3 seconds.  
    You will probably be presented with hundreds of opportunities to earn this simple trophy, so don’t worry too much. Be on the lookout for mobs crowded together and spam Bone Spear towards them.
    What is Dead Can Sometimes Die
    Kill 1,000 Undead enemies with corpses.  
    Core Explosion with the Bloody Mess rune gave me the best results due to the high DPS (damage per second) along with the rune causing an increased area of effect. In fact, this skill combined with this rune is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do with a Necromancer, at least early on. I found myself using this skill even after earning this trophy, which should come naturally as you’re splicing your way through mobs.
    Curse Your Enthusiasm
    Kill 5,000 cursed enemies.  
    Curse every enemy that you see. This will become much more “stress free” once you unlock the Frailty skill, its Aura of Frailty rune, and the Eternal Torment passive skill. You will basically walk around with an everlasting curse surrounding you that will affect enemies within the vicinity.
    Terror in the Blood
    Defeat Diablo after using an ability that costs health whilst below 10% of your life.  
    If you’re ironically struggling to lose health (due to skills), combine life-reducing skills to go below 10% health and then finally trigger one last reducing skill. You do not actually need to defeat Diablo to earn this trophy, regardless of the misleadingly mistaken description. This is an easy trophy, especially on normal difficulty. Campaign is preferable for the luxury of respawning near the boss fight upon failure.
    Game of Bones
    Use Bone Armor to rip the Bones from the Skeleton King.  
    This is perhaps the easiest trophy in the DLC. It is likely that you will unlock this level 19 skill after defeating the Skeleton King in Act I, so you will need to go back to this boss from the main menu after unlocking the skill.
    Skeleton Crew
    Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies with Command Skeleton minions.  
    Elite enemies have a colored (such as purple or gold) glow to them that also shows on their names. Make sure you remove the Aura of Frailty skill to avoid killing the elite enemy before the Command Skeleton minions do. You might kill 100 through natural progression. The rest you can grind out in Nephalem Rifts or using this method that I found to be much faster (credit to escoletsgo69):

    1) Select Adventure Act II normal difficulty.
    2) Hit down on the dpad, go to act, and select Archives of Zoltun Kulle.
    3) Walk straight ahead and go into large circle (Soulstone Chamber).
    4) Defeat the three enemies with skeletons (I removed secondary enhancement to skeleton army skill).
    5) Quit, rinse and repeat.

    Self Controlled
    Kill your own Shadow Clone with Simulacrum during the Diablo encounter.  
    During the Diablo boss fight in Act IV, the arena will go dark and Diablo will make clones of both himself and yourself. You can hit your clone until it has little health left and then unleash the level 61 Simulacrum skill to end the clone. Make sure you remove the Aura of Frailty skill to avoid killing your Shadow Clone before the Simulacrum does. Campaign is preferable for the luxury of respawning near the boss fight upon failure.
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