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    Stage 1: Killing the Wither, Building the Beacon

    Your best bet with getting these trophies is by playing the Tutorial world as doing that will be the easiest choice by far. This is because the tutorial world already provides most of the materials you’ll need. Each trophy in this guide lists how to get every trophy in the tutorial world along with how to generally get them in any other world.

    If you choose not to play the Tutorial level, you must be at roughly the middle of the game to begin this stage, because you’ll need to have access to the Nether. You will have to collect Wither Skulls and a HUGE amount of minerals, so this won’t be a short adventure in a world that isn’t the Tutorial.

    Before fighting the Wither, you should create a Notch Apple and have full Diamond armor, this guide contains information on how to easily make both in Tutorial world.

    Spawn the Wither.

    Kill the Wither.

    Create and fully power a Beacon.

    Stage 2: Miscellaneous Trophies

    These can be done at any time in the game, but they are easier towards the end.

    Eat a Notch Apple.

    Dye all 4 unique pieces of Leather Armor.

    Bounce 30 blocks upward off a Slime Block.

    Tips & Strategies

    • This DLC is completely free, it isn’t even a DLC, just some trophies added by a patch. If you see the trophy list in your trophy collection, you can hunt them.
    • The duplication glitch will help you a lot with the collecting/grinding.
    • The duplication glitch may be patched in later updates, in 1.26, it works.
    • The Tutorial World mentioned in this guide is in the update 1.26. This may change later.

    Duplication Glitch Video Guide


    Credit to Puredominace for the video.

    The Beginning?
    Spawn the Wither.

    The Wither is an optional boss in Minecraft, and the most dangerous mob as well. To spawn it, you will need 4 blocks of Soul Sand, and 3 Wither Skulls. To get the materials to build The Wither, take a look below the image to figure out how to build it in tutorial world. Build it to look like this.


    Again, the Wither is EXTREMELY dangerous and it will kill you if you aren’t ready, even if you have diamond gear.

    General tips for the fight:

    • Spawn it in a cave, because it will fly away and destroy everything on the surface.
    • Drop Splash Potions of Healing, the potions will heal you and damage the Wither.
    • Change your difficulty to Easy (The Wither won’t spawn on Peaceful), so you won’t get the wither effect.
    • You can shoot it with a bow until it gets a white Wither Shield. The shield appears when the Wither’s health drops below half. With the shield on, the Wither can’t fly, but will become immune to arrows. If the Wither regenerates to 150+ HP, the shield will disappear, and the Wither will become vulnerable to arrows again.
    • It will create several explosions during the fight, so make sure there aren’t any important buildings nearby. (These explosions can break Obsidian.)
    • You can duplicate Wither Skulls using the glitch.
    • The Wither spawns at about half health, but it will charge up, and once its health is full, it will create a massive explosion (the biggest in the game), which will damage any mob (including the player, but excluding the Wither itself).
    • You can’t hurt the Wither while it charges its health.
    • You can summon the Wither with the Soul Sand/Skull structure being upside down, or lying on the ground.
    • Only one Wither can be spawned in a dimension at a time. You can have three separate Withers in the three separate dimensions.
    • Use diamond gear for the fight, here is a video guide to find a good amount of diamond blocks for crafting.

    Tutorial level:

    1. You can also get a Wither Skull in the castle northwest of the starting village (and northwest of the church) at the coordinates X: -320, Y: 122, Z: -146. Duplicate that with the duplication glitch to get two more Wither Skulls.
    2. Put the skulls in a chest, so you won’t lose them if you die.
    3. Go to X: -262, Y: 71, Z: -369 and enter the Nether Portal (This video gives a visual on the location). In the Nether, go to the X: -48, Y: 66, Z: -60 coordinates, and mine 4 Soul Sand blocks. This is easier if the difficulty setting is on Peaceful. If your difficulty isn’t on peaceful you can save your game, exit, then switch the difficulty to peaceful.
    4. Go underground into a cave or more perferably, dig all the way down, make sure you are prepared to the fight, and summon it. Take a look at Silver The Beginning for a video guide on easily defeating the Wither.

    Once you create the Wither by placing the blocks in the way the blocks are laid out in the image above, you’ll get this trophy. Be sure to have your diamond armor on and you eat your Notch Apple so you can immedately start working on defeating the Wither. See Silver The Beginning for a video guide on how to easily defeat the Wither.

    The Beginning.
    Kill the Wither.

    If you have followed the tips in Bronze The Beginning?, this will be pretty easy.


    • The Wither is always vulnerable to swords.
    • The Wither has 300 HP (150 hearts)
    • The Wither can fly.
    • The Wither can break Obsidian.
    • The Wither can give you the wither status effect.
    • The Wither is an undead, meaning the Potion of Harming will heal it, and the Potion of Healing will damage it.
    • The Wither is resistant to fire.
    • The Wither can see you when you are under the Invisibility status effect.
    • The Wither regenerates 1 point of its HP every second, this doesn’t seem much, but it is.

    Before you eat your Apple for Silver Overpowered, the best use for the Notch Apple is probably during the Wither fight. It should be noted that this video shows how to get 26 diamond blocks easily in Tutorial world to be able to produce the diamond armor/sword/pickaxe to be able to fight the Wither.

    How to Easily Kill the Wither


    Credit to BeckBroJack for the video.

    Create and fully power a Beacon.

    To build a fully operational Beacon, you will need a Beacon block, made of the Wither’s unique drop, the Nether Star, 3 Obsidian blocks and 5 Glass blocks. You will also need a 4-leveled pyramid made entirely out of Iron, Gold, Emerald or Diamond blocks. This means 164 blocks (2×64+36 blocks)

    General guide:

    1. Duplicate at least 164 Blocks of Iron, Gold, Emerald, or Diamond.
    2. Craft the Beacon.
    3. Build the pyramid.
    4. Place the Beacon on the top of the fourth layer.

    Tutorial level guide:

    1. Go to the Beacon in the middle of the village.
    2. Craft an Iron Pickaxe using the iron ingots in the chest.
    3. Mine the Beacon block and put it in a chest.
    4. Mine all the Emerald blocks and duplicate them until you get enough Blocks of Emerald.
    5. Build the pyramid.
    6. Place the Beacon on top of the fourth layer.

    Other details:

    • There must not be any solid (non-transparent) blocks above the beacon in order to function.
    • You can mix the mineral blocks in the pyramid, for example, it is possible to build the first layer using Iron Blocks, and the rest using Gold Blocks, the beacon will function.


    Beaconator Video Guide


    Credit to Znech for the video.

    Eat a Notch Apple.

    For this trophy, you will need to eat a Notch Apple, which is named Golden Apple in-game, but it glows like enchanted items, and the letters in the name are purple. To craft these, you’ll need 1 Apple, and 8 Blocks of Gold.

    General Guide:

    1. Break Oak Leaves until an apple falls to the ground.
    2. Find/make a few Gold Ingots, craft a Block of Gold, and duplicate it until you get at least 8 Blocks of Gold.
    3. Craft the Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch Apple.
    4. Eat the Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch Apple.

    Tutorial World Guide (See video below for visual guide):

    1. Get an apple from Oak Leaves. This could take a while as the odds of getting an apple from leaves are low.
    2. Craft an Iron Pickaxe as detailed in Gold Beaconator.
    3. Go to X-117/Y69/Z-78 (Overworld) inside the church, and mine all Blocks of Gold with the Iron Pickaxe.
    4. Craft the Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch Apple.
    5. You should wait until you kill the Wither to use the apple as it will help with your fight. If you want the trophy now, you can turn autosave off, eat the Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch Apple, then quit and reload your save and you’ll have the apple before you ate it.


    Overpowered Video Guide


    Credit to Diluted Dumbness for the video.

    Tie Dye Outfit
    Dye all 4 unique pieces of Leather Armor.

    To get this trophy, you’ll need a few resources. Not many, but duplication may become necessary.

    General/Tutorial World Guide:

    1. There is some Yellow, Orange, and Red dye in the shop directly to the left as you enter the village and some white flowers by where you got the trampoline trophy that you can easily make into dye.
    2. Hunt down a few cows, the more, the better! Gather at least 24 pieces of leather by hunting cows or using the duplication glitch.
    3. Craft all 4 Leather Armor Pieces and equip them.
    4. Open your inventory, hover the dye over the armor, and press Square to dye it.

    Other details:

    • You can mix colors by dying the armor multiple times.
    • You can wash out the dye from an armor piece by using them (while in your hand) on a cauldron filled with water.
    Bounce 30 blocks upward off a Slime Block.

    This is a bit messy, because the height of the bounce is unpredictable.

    Tutorial World Guide (See video below for visual guide):

    1. Go to the Redstone Tutorial House in the village, and grab 2 stacks of any blocks from the chest.
    2. Go to X88/Y72/Z-14 (Overworld), and continue building the pillar using the pillar jumping method, until you run out of blocks.
    3. Jump onto the Slime Blocks. From such a height (roughly 130 blocks), you will certainly bounce 30 blocks high, and get the trophy.

    General Guide:

    1. Hunt Slimes in Swamp biomes.
    2. Craft and place the Slime Block
    3. Build a pillar next to the Slime Block using the pillar jumping method, and jump onto the Slime Block.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’re standing on top of the pillar, disable the autosave so you can reload if you screw up.

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