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    Stage 1: Tutorial World

    Play the tutorial world and you can achieve Silver Free Diver, Bronze Super Fuel, Bronze Saddle Up, Silver Taste of Your Own Medicine, Silver Beam Me Up and Bronze Camouflage.

    All of these can be earned in the tutorial world incredibly easily apart from Silver Taste of Your Own Medicine which may take some time due to low spawn rates of the witch, but other than that, these should take no more than a couple of hours.

    Stay underwater for 2 minutes.

    Power a Furnace with Lava.

    Tame a Horse.

    Poison a Witch with a Splash Potion.

    Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl.

    Kill a Mob while wearing the same type of Mob Head.

    Stage 2: Map Room

    This trophy will take the most time and is quite boring. There are no glitches to help, so get exploring, but most if not all of the materials you will need are found in the tutorial world, so you can use that to make things easier. The full guide is detailed under the Silver Map Room trophy.

    Place 9 fully explored, adjacent Maps into 9 Item Frames in a 3 by 3 square.

    The Creative Glitch

    These trophies can be obtained in a matter of around 30 minutes to 1 hour if you choose to boost Silver Map Room from another person world who already meets the requirements of the trophy and use the Creative glitch to spawn in items while in Creative mode and then reverting back to Survival Mode. Note that PS Plus is required for the glitch in one method as you must use cloud storage. Another method on how to do this without PlayStation Plus will follow the video below. Here is a video guide for this glitch:


    Creative Glitch


    Credit to TheChaoticWolf for the video.


    Now, the method for doing this without PS Plus but you will need a USB key to do this. The steps are similar to those found in the description of the video, but some are different.

    • Make a survival world and Do Not Turn On Host Privileges, then find a suitable area to do these trophies
    • Close Minecraft and go to PS4 Settings
    • Go to Saved Data in System Storage and select copy to USB Storage Device
    • Select Minecraft and you will see two files for your world you just created
    • Select the file that does not say World Data 1 and copy it to USB device
    • Now, go back to Minecraft and open your world in creative mode. Don’t worry that it says your trophies will be disabled, they will not
    • Set up the area where you will earn trophies for the DLC by putting the necessary items in chests. All items needed for each trophy for the glitch are detailed under each trophy
    • Once you have finished, close Minecraft again and head back to PS4 Settings
    • Head to Saved Data on USB Storage Device and select Copy to System Storage
    • Select Minecraft and select your world, select yes when it asks to overwrite saved data
    • Now open up minecraft once again and select your world in Survival Mode, notice that it says “‘created in Survival Mode”
    • Open the world and your trophy materials will be waiting where you left them.
    Free Diver
    Stay underwater for 2 minutes.
    This can be done using the following items for the Creative Glitch:

    • Potion of Water Breathing (3:00)

    Besides the glitch, this trophy can be achieved in the tutorial world by heading to the brewing area located on the first right inside the tutorial area. The materials will be found in the chest behind the brewing stand. The recipe is as follows:

    1. Place 1 water bottle into the brewing stand
    2. Add Blaze Powder to the top right slot to activate the brewing stand
    3. Add a nether wart to the potion to create an awkward potion
    4. Now add a pufferfish to the awkward potion to form the water breathing potion. Note: Pufferfish are found by fishing in the water at the bottom of the steps beside the vegetable patch. The fishing rod is found in the chest or in the item frame.

    Now go to a body of water that is at least 3 blocks deep, drink the potion, dive in and wait until the trophy will trigger.

    Super Fuel
    Power a Furnace with Lava.
    This can be done using the following items from the creative glitch:

    • 1 Furnace
    • 1 Bucket of Lava
    • 1 raw steak

    This trophy is very straightforward and can be done in the tutorial world. You will find iron blocks that can be turned into ingots in the iron golem area behind and to the left of the beacon if you face the giant Elytra in the sky at the back. You will find lava to fill this bucket in the blacksmiths house in the nearby village in the front of this house. You should then kill one of the animals in the farm and bring the raw food to a furnace and cook it, using the lava bucket as the power source to trigger this trophy.

    Saddle Up
    Tame a Horse.
    This is easily acquired in tutorial world, otherwise it requires the following items to achieve it using the creative glitch:

    • Horse Spawn Eggs

    In the tutorial world, turn left before the beacon and go into the farm area. Pass through the gate in the back left corner into the stables area where you will find a number of horses. Walk up to one of them and press L2 to mount it. It will rear and kick you off, but keep trying to mount it until you see the red hearts around the horse. This indicates that it has been tamed and the trophy will pop.

    Taste of Your Own Medicine
    Poison a Witch with a Splash Potion.
    Ultra Rare
    The items needed for this trophy done through the creative glitch are:

    • Witch Spawn Eggs
    • Splash Potion of Poison

    Once again this trophy can be earned in the tutorial world, head to the brewing area off to the right of the beacon. Find the brewing stand and also, you need to kill a spider and obtain its eye. To brew the potion, follow these steps:

    1. Place one water bottle into the brewing stand and place Blaze Powder in the top left slot to power the stand.
    2. Add a nether wart to the water bottle to make an Awkward Potion
    3. Add gunpowder found in the chest on the right hut of the brewing area to form a splash Awkward Potion
    4. Then add a Spider Eye to form a Splash Potion of Poison

    Now you have the Splash Potion of Poison, it is time for the difficult part, finding a witch. Witches have a low spawn rate and can be found roaming like other mobs or are found near witches hut. If you don’thave spawn eggs, you’ll need luck

    Beam Me Up
    Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl.
    Very Rare
    This can be done using the following items from the creative glitch:

    • 2 stacks of 64 blocks
    • Ender Pearl

    You need to kill some endermen to find ender pearls which are used to teleport. To teleport over 100 metres, the easiest way is to use 2 stacks of 64 blocks and build a tower straight up 128 blocks. This will ensure the trophy is achieved, so when you are at the top, throw the ender pearl off the edge. When you teleport to the floor, you will earn this trophy. 

    Map Room
    Place 9 fully explored, adjacent Maps into 9 Item Frames in a 3 by 3 square.
    Ultra Rare
    This is the most time consuming trophy in this DLC trophy list. First, you need to have 9 empty maps (You will always be given one right off the bat every time you start a new game), to create at least one, you will need 8 paper (Made by having 3 Sugar Canes which will earn you 3) and a compass (To make a compass you will need 4 Iron Ingots and one Redstone, both can found when mining). You can easily get these if you’re attempting this trophy in the tutorial world.

    Now you will have to make 9 item frames, you will need 8 sticks (4 will be made when you make them from 2 planks) and a leather (Found by killing cows) to make one. After you have 9, put them all on a wall in a 3 by 3.

    Now for the tedious part, have a map in your hand and press L2 and fully discover the entire map while having the map in your hand. After you have the entire map discovered, you can head back to the place you placed your item frames and place it on one, repeat this 8 more times but in other parts of the world that wasn’t in the part you explored on the map each. This is not a hard trophy, but it will definitely be boring. You can also set the world to Peaceful to prevent monsters from interfering while exploring these maps.

    Unfortunately there is no workaround for this trophy with the creative to survival glitch, so you will have to explore the maps legit or boost this in someone else’s world who completed this. If you’re looking to boost this, you can create a ​Boosting Session​​​.

    Below is an example of how a fully discovered map as well the entire 3 by 3 map looks like.


    Kill a Mob while wearing the same type of Mob Head.
    Very Rare
    If you choose to use the creative glitch, it is possible to spawn in any mob head so simply spawn a skeleton head and wait until darkness, then kill a skeleton while wearing the skeleton head to achieve this trophy.

    If attempting this trophy legitimately, it will be just as simple. Load up the tutorial world and head past the beacon. Take a right into the redstone area and take another right into the slime area. Look straight ahead and notice the ledge. On top of this ledge is a chest that contains a creeper head. Now just equip this in your helmet slot and kill a creeper to get this trophy

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