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    Bronze Trophy Bloody Good Time Bronze Trophy

    Perform a Fatality in a match with every character
    There are 25 Standard Fatalities Mortal Kombat X. Each character has one standard fatality (unlocked from the beginning on) and one secondary secret fatality (unlocked in the Krypt).
    For the Bloody Good Time trophy / achievement you only need to perform one fatality with each character. The DLC characters (Goro etc.) are not required for this! You cannot unlock it in practice mode, the fatalities need to be done in real matches.

    Secret Fatalities
    There are 26 Secret Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X (including Corrupted Shinnok). The required button combinations are hidden in the move list. Performing these fatalities once will unlock their button combinations in the move list permanently. You can also buy them from the Krypt, but it’s not necessary.
    The button inputs are shown in this video (in the move list screen).

    Bronze Trophy Need a Doctor Bronze Trophy
    Perform every character’s X-Ray
    There are 25 X-Rays in the game. Doing all of them unlocks the “Need a Doctor” trophy or achievement. It can be unlocked in practice mode (you always have a full super meter there). Each character has one X-Ray attack. They are activated by pressing L2+R2 (PlayStation) / LT+RT (Xbox).
    For the trophy / achievement you don’t need any of the DLC characters. Only the standard characters are required.

    Bronze Trophy Not Dead Yet Bronze Trophy
    See all Test Your Might deaths
    There are 13 death animations in the “Test Your Might” tower. When you fail a challenge you will get killed. It’s completely random which death sequence you will get. You can get all of them in the very first challenge. Just hit R2 (PlayStation) / RT (Xbox) when the challenge starts and it will fail immediately. Retry the challenge over and over again until the trophy or achievement unlocks. It takes roughly 20 minutes to see every death once (depending on how lucky you get).

    #1 – Meat Hook from above – 0:05
    #2 – Scorpion Spear from the left – 0:20
    #3 – Assault Rifle shots from the front – 0:27
    #4 – Kitana’s hand fan from the left- 0:34
    #5 – Raiden electrocution from above – 0:42
    #6 – Burning to death from below – 0:50
    #7 – Kung Lao’s hat from the left – 0:57
    #8 – Orange portal from behind – 1:04
    #9 – D’Vorah’s insect swarm from above – 1:10
    #10 – Arrows from the front – 1:19
    #11 – Explosive grenades from above – 1:26
    #12 – Ermac head explosion from above – 1:34
    #13 – Mileena Daggers from the left – 1:43

    Where to find Netherrealm Kamidogu
    The Kamidogu is a collectable Krypt object in Mortal Kombat X. You need it to access the Netherrealms (where you will find the last few unlocks of the Krypt).
    First you must get Jax’s Rocket Launcher in Shao Kahn’s Tomb. There are 12 interactive krypt objects and the rocket launcher is the 11th. You will need all the other objects to access it. Just explore the Krypt carefully and one object will lead to the next. You do not have to spend money on any of the unlocks! Inside Shao Kahn’s Tomb you must activate 3 levers to open a big door. Behind this door is the rocket launcher.
    Go back to the starting area and use the rocket launcher on a gate. There’s a gambling statue here. Put in the max amount of koins (10,000) and it will give you the Netherrealm Kamidogu.

    The entrance to the Netherrealm can be found in the top left corner of the outside map.


    Bronze Trophy Knockout Bronze Trophy
    Perform a 10 hit combo with every character
    To earn the Knockout trophy / achievement you must perform a 10 hit combo with all 24 characters in the game (excluding DLC characters). You can do this in practice mode. To make things easier you should always use X-Ray attacks (can be used infinitely in practice mode). They do 5-15 hits. With some characters you will only need to activate the X-Ray and it will count as 10+ hits.
    All required button inputs are shown in the video. Make sure that you are using the same character variation that is shown in the video. For most combos it doesn’t matter, but some special moves are not available with certain character variations.

    [Character Name – PlayStation Input /// Xbox Input – Timestamp]

    #1 Kung Lao – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 0:05
    #2 Jax – ↑, △, □, □, △,↓,←, □ + R2 /// ↑, Y, X, X, Y,↓,←, X + RT – 0:24
    #3 Sonya Blade – L2 + R2, →,→, □, □, □ /// LT + RT, →,→, X, X, X – 0:37
    #4 Kenshi – △, □, □, L2 + R2 /// Y, X, X, LT + RT – 0:53
    #5 Kitana – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 1:12
    #6 Scorpion – □, □, L2 + R2 /// X, X, LT + RT – 1:31
    #7 Sub-Zero – ↓,←,△+R2, →,→,△,O,△,↓+△, L2+R2 /// ↓,←,Y+RT, →,→,Y,B,Y,↓+Y, LT+RT – 1:52
    #8 Mileena – →, □, △, L2+R2 /// →, X, Y, LT+RT – 2:15
    #9 Takeda – □, □, ←,→,△ /// X, X, ←,→, Y – 2:36
    #10 Cassie Cage – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 2:49
    #11 Jacqui Briggs – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 3:10
    #12 Kung Jin – ↑, △, □, □, □, L2+R2 /// ↑, Y, X, X, X, LT+RT – 3:30
    #13 Shinnok – □, □, △, L2+R2 /// X, X, Y, LT+RT – 3:52
    #14 Kano – ↑, △, □, □, □, □, L2+R2 /// ↑, Y, X, X, X, X, LT+RT – 4:15
    #15 Johnny Cage – □, □, X, L2+R2 /// X, X, A, LT+RT – 4:35
    #16 Erron Black – ↑, △, □, □, □, □, L1 /// ↑, Y, X, X, X, X, LB – 4:57
    #17 Liu Kang – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 5:13
    #18 Ermac – □, □, L2 + R2 /// X, X, LT + RT – 5:33
    #19 Kotal Kahn – ←, □, △, △, L2 + R2 /// ←, X, Y, Y, LT + RT – 5:55
    #20 Reptile – ↑, △, □, □, □, □, L2 + R2 /// ↑, Y, X, X, X, X, LT + RT – 6:15
    #21 Ferra/Torr – ←, □, △, □, L2 + R2 /// ←, X, Y, X, LT + RT – 6:36
    #22 D’Vorah – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 6:58
    #23 Raiden – L2 + R2 /// LT + RT – 7:17
    #24 Quan Chi – →, △, □, △, L2 + R2 /// →, Y, X, Y, LT + RT – 7:37

    Bronze Trophy That’s How You Do It Bronze Trophy
    Complete Tutorial
    The tutorial is available from the beginning on. It can be accessed from the main menu, but is completely optional (you don’t have to play it to progress in the game). It consists of four parts: Basics, Kombos, Special Moves, Advanced. Completing all parts will earn you the trophy or achievement.

    Bronze Trophy Terrifying Encounter Bronze Trophy
    Confront a beast within the Krypt
    This trophy / achievement can be obtained after opening the first gate in the Krypt. Occasionally while exploring the Krypt you will be attacked by animals. This will trigger a small QTE event where you need to press a button to fend off the attacker.
    Walk along the right side of the graveyard after the starting area and you’ll get attacked by a small wolf. Or you can enter the tunnels on the right where you’ll get attacked by spiders.

    Bronze Trophy Blanche Advantage Bronze Trophy
    Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction
    The Old Lady level interaction can be found on the map “Outworld Marketplace”. Level interactions can be used with R1 (PlayStation) / RB (Xbox). You can easily do this in practice mode. The Old Lady can be found on the right side of the map. You must throw her at the opponent.

    Bronze Trophy Disco Bronze Trophy
    Create a sun ray with Kotal Kahn and perform a flip stance 5 times while in the ray
    This can easily be done in practice mode. You must play as Kotal Kahn, but it doesn’t matter which variation you choose.
    Cast a God Ray (PlayStation: ↓, →, O / Xbox: ↓, →, B).
    Now stand in the God Ray and flip stance at least 5 times (PlayStation: L2 / Xbox: LT).

    Bronze Trophy Hara Kiri Bronze Trophy
    Kill yourself with Kotal Kahn for 1 round and win the match
    This must be done with Kotal Kahn (doesn’t matter which variation). There’s a special attack called “Blood Offering”. It takes away 10% of your health, but increases your damage output for a short period of time.
    You must use this move to kill yourself when your health is below 10% (PlayStation: →, ↓, ←, O / Xbox: →, ↓, ←, B). Load up a match and set it to very easy difficulty. Let the enemy attack you until your health is really low and then kill yourself with the Blood Offering. This special attack has a long cooldown so don’t use it too early.
    Now simply win the match.

    Bronze Trophy Trolling Bronze Trophy
    Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence
    At the end of a match when you can use your fatality you must duck 30 times very quickly instead of performing the fatality. You only have a few seconds to do this because the match will end automatically after a short time.

    Bronze Trophy Keep it Secret Bronze Trophy
    Find a secret fight in the Living Towers
    The secret fight takes place in the Premier Tower. You must defeat opponent #6 with at least one flawless round and a fatality at the end. It doesn’t matter which fighter you choose. I did this with D’Vorah and kept spamming her “The Scourge” Kombo (PlayStation: →, △, △, O / Xbox: →, Y, Y, B). Getting a flawless round requires a little bit of luck. Doesn’t matter if you get the flawless bonus in the first or second round.
    If you get hit in both rounds, pause the game and return to Player Select. Now you can keep trying until you get a flawless victory.

    After completing the requirements you will see a notifaction that says “You have discovered a Secret Fight”. The trophy will pop instantly without having to play the match. Reptile is the secret opponent.

    Important: This was tested with the “Mortal Kombat 1” Premier Tower. The Living Towers are changing on a regular basis. It is unknown if the requirements are the same for future towers or if this particular tower will ever return. The Mortal Kombat 1 Tower is active for 7 days from April 21st, 2015 – April 28th, 2015. Go get this trophy / achievement done as fast as you can before the tower disappears!
    Sometimes the online servers are a bit laggy and the premier tower isn’t loading. If this happens to you keep trying to access the living towers and they will show up eventually.

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