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Heineken receives the King William I Prize for Dutch Entrepreneurship. This prestigious prize is awarded once every two years to a large Dutch company that has attracted attention due to impressive entrepreneurial activities and important contributions to the economy, employment, prosperity and the entrepreneurial reputation of the Netherlands.

Heineken expands its operations in China, Nigeria, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia and Spain.

The Olympics in Sydney….

Sydney Olympics

Sydney Olympics

Holland Heineken House Sydney 2000

Holland Heineken House Sydney 2000

All countries have Their houses at the Olympics. However the most popular venue with visitors and locals alike was the Holland Heineken House situated in a 3,000 m2 marquee at the rear of the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. In fact the venue was so popular that toward the end of the Olympic period organisers had to ship in extra supplies of Heineken beer from New Zealand.
All athletes, particularly Dutch, were welcomed to the club and the place absolutely went off when swimmers Pieter van den Hoogenband and Inge de Bruijn visited.

Apart from the marquee, the venue extended via an open-air restaurant on the nearby wharf to include the Batavia, on board which corporate dinners were staged. And just to let Sydney know they were in town, they scared the shit out of anyone nearby when they fired the Batavia’s guns on a regular basis.

One of the most popular, and visible, souvenirs from the venue were the Heineken bottle tops with a blinking red light, which were seen all over Sydney.

Button Light

Button Light

This was the year that started the immense popularity of the Holland Heineken House in the years to come. I was there myself, and had a BLAST!




In 1867 the building on Stadhouderskade was inaugurated as Heineken’s very first brewery and the building was in use as a brewery for more than 120 years. Parts of the building were demolished in 1991 and the remaining sections were turned into a Heineken information center. In 2001 the information center was rebranded as the Heineken Experience.

The Heineken Experience attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually, and is therefore one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions.

The Heineken Experience attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually, and is therefore one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions.

The festive opening of the Heineken Experience in the former brewery on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam takes place. To honour this event, Heineken N.V. publishes the book, The Magic of Heineken:

Magic of Heineken

The magic of Heineken’ is a sparkling all-encompassing story, from book, experience and film to event. A success story about how you can bring corporate DNA to life. Images bring a corporate story back to the core. Core stories from Heineken history are visualised in pictures stories. Boticelli’s Venus and a surfer in foaming water express the feeling that Heineken is more than a glass of beer. It is a global brand, a lifestyle.


In  2001 HEINEKEN started joint venture with the Schorghuber group: Bayerische Brauholding International in which Heineken has a 49,9% participation. BBI is operating in Bayern and during the last two years it acquired a few extra breweries in Southern Germany.

Another great campaign was launched….




Mr J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer became member of the executive board.

Mr J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer

Mr J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer




The Heineken Company respectfully marks the death of its leader Alfred ‘Freddy’ Heineken at the beginning of the year. As a true entrepreneur, Freddy Heineken is credited with making Heineken into the truly international company it is today.

Alfred Henry Heineken (1923 - 2002)

Alfred Henry Heineken (1923 – 2002)


Born Alfred Henry Heineken
4 November 1923
Amsterdam Netherlands
Died 3 January 2002 (aged 78)
Nationality Dutch
Occupation Businessman
Corporate director
Years active 1941–2002
Awards Chevalier in the order of the Dutch Lion (1983)
Chevalier de la Legion d’Honeur (France 1983)
Commander in the order of Orange Nassau (1989)
Honorary Master of Business Administration from INSEAD (France  1989)
Silver Medal of aldermen of Amsterdam (1989)
Silver Medal from the Royal Neth. Acad. of Arts and sciences (1990)
Officier de la legion d’Honneur (France 1991)
Honorary doctorate from the University of New York (1996)
Board member of Heineken International
Spouse(s) Lucille Cummins
(m. 1948–2002; his death)
Children Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken

In Russia, Heineken acquired  Bravo International in St.Petersburg.

Bravo International was established in 1993 by two Icelandic businessmen that started producing soft drinks and cocktails-in-a-can.

By 1999 the company built a brewery in St. Petersburg and started making headway into the Russian beer market with its Bochkarev and Okhota brands. Within 3 years it was one of the top ten breweries in Russia. Heineken’s “Three Bears” brand accounts for about a quarter of its sales in Russia.

“Three Bears” Classic:

The start of the so-called “Star-Chain” project by Heineken Export, Heineken Netherlands and Heineken USA. The Star chain project made it possible to reduce the distribution from point to point from 38 days, to 14 days.
Heineken acquiers Almaza, Lebanon
Other Agreements:
-Majority stake in Al Ahram, Egypt
-Majority stake in Dinal Brewery in Kazakstan
-25% stake in Florida Bebidas, Costa Rica
-25% stake in Consorcio Cervecero, Nicaraqua
-Majority stake in Baru brewery, Panama



The acquisition of Brau-Beteiligungs A.G. (BBAG) in Austria, the largest acquisition(€1.9 billion) in the history of Heineken sofar, significantly extends the lead of Heineken in Europe, where Heineken was already the largest brewer.   

BRAU UNION Österreich

BRAU UNION Österreich


Karl Büche and Thony Ruys

Beerbrands portfolio of BrauUnion:

BBAG has breweries in five countries in Central Europe: Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The deal means that in 8 of the 13 countries in this region (namely; Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Macedonia and Albania) Heineken will have a number one position.

In addition, Heineken will have a number two position in Croatia, a strong regional foothold in the Czech Republic and a valuable export position in the remaining other three countries of the region (Serbia- Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina).



Heineken took over 2 breweries in the Ural region of Russia, where these breweries have very strong positions in regional markets. These regions show the fastest rise of beer
consumption per capita.

Shikhan Brewery in Sterlitamak.

Shikhan Brewery

Shikhan Brewery

Volga Brewery in Nizhny Novgorod

Volga Brewery

Volga Brewery


As a result of this transaction, Heineken will become the third largest player in the Russian beer market with volumes of 5.9 million hectolitres and a market share of more than 7%. Russia is the world’s fifth largest beer market and Heineken expects the Russian beer market to grow by 7% to over 80 million hectolitres in 2004.

Heineken NV agreed to buy the beer division of Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB, producer of Dos Equis and Mexico’s second-biggest brewer, in an all-stock deal valued at 5.3 billion euros ($7.7 billion) to tap faster sales growth in Latin America.

In the USA an agreement FEMSA is concluded.

In the USA an agreement FEMSA is concluded.


The acquisition gives Heineken one of only two beer makers in Mexico, the world’s fourth-most profitable market, and reduces the company’s reliance on slower-growing European markets. Heineken, which distributes Femsa beers including Dos Equis in the U.S., expects savings of 150 million euros a year by 2013 and said it will use the acquisition to sell Femsa brands in Europe and Heineken in Latin America.

FEMSA Portfolio

FEMSA Portfolio


In South Africa, Brandhouse is launched, a joint venture with Diageo and Namibia Breweries.

In Australia Heineken enters in to a joint venture with Lion Nathan.

LION Nathan

LION Nathan

The Heineken Lion Australia joint venture creates an extensive distribution platform, whereby a precinct sales force has been established to sell the combined portfolio of brands in the major metropolitan areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). In addition the existing Lion Nathan sales force will sell the Heineken brand in other non-metropolitan areas.

Lion Nathan Australia will combine its local brands and specialties (including Hahn Premium and James Squire Pilsner) with the strength of the Heineken brand presenting an attractive and compelling portfolio of quality brands.

The premium beer sector in Australia represents 9.7% of the Australia beer market and is one of the fastest growing segments, with 2003 volume up 13% over 2002.

LION Nathan portfolio

LION Nathan portfolio

In recognition of the continuous focus on corporate sustainability, Heineken is awarded the prestigious Dutch ACC Award for best sustainability report.

Award for best sustainability report

Award for best sustainability report


Introduction of the beertender, Having your own Draft beer at home:


A minor change in the label of Heineken. The color silver was added.


Introduction of the Aluminium bottle for clubs, bars and restaurants:





Since 1992, Tempo has been an importer of Heineken lager, and in 2005 they became the sole distributor in Israel for Samuel Adams lager. Heineken International owns a 40% share of Tempo, which has its main office in Netanya.

Goldstar &MaccaBee. Heineken International owns a 40% share of Tempo

Goldstar &MaccaBee. Heineken International owns a 40% share of Tempo


Heineken introduces a new light Heineken beer to the US market. This new beer, Heineken Premium Light Lager, is brewed in the same high quality tradition as the original Heineken, but is lighter in taste and has fewer calories and carbohydrates.

The US light market represents half of the total US beer market and is still growing.

Heineken also introduces its portable draught beer system, the Heineken DraughtKeg.
DraughtKeg allows consumers to experience a premium quality draught beer at virtually any drinking occasion.
Heineken launched this innovation in France and in the USA in May 2005, followed by the introduction in the Netherlands.

Heineken DraughtKeg

Heineken DraughtKeg

The portable DraughtKeg has been developed for consumers who like to share and enjoy a quality draught beer in or outdoors and is relevant to the various beer cultures worldwide.

The company switched to using the Champions League event to promote Heineken on a global basis as the Champions League television coverage expanded throughout the world.


Another brewery is aquired in The Ural Region of Russia: Patra Breweries.


The move will increase Heineken’s share of the Russian market to 8.3 per cent from 7.5 per cent, strengthening the group’s position as the third-largest brewer in the world’s fifth-biggest market for beer. The market leader Baltic Beverages Holding has 34.2 per cent or the Russian market, ahead of Sun Interbrew with 14.2 per cent





Heineken acquires a number of breweries through Asia Pacific Breweries; the Fosters brewing assets in Vietnam and Quang Nam Brewery in Central Vietnam.

Quang Nam Brewery

Quang Nam Brewery

A further business in the developing market of India and an acquisition in Laos are announced. Heineken also acquired shares in the Tunesian company, Société de Production et de Distribution des Boissons S.A.(SPDB). Mr. Boujbel, owner of major hotel operations, is the Tunisian partner. Mr. Boujbel holds the majority of the remaining shares and will add his long-standing experience to the venture.

The joint venture company will invest in the construction of a new brewery and will brew and distribute Heineken® and local brands in Tunisia. Total initial investment is €27 million, financed through both debt and equity. Heineken’s share of the equity stake corresponds to approximately €6 million. The new brewery will be built in Grombalia, 30 km from Tunis and will start with brewing Heineken® and a local mainstream brand

In 2006, Heineken continues to put into practice the belief that flatter and less complex management structures are essential to increase the speed at which decisions are taken and implemented across the business. That was the clear thinking behind the creation of the Executive Committee and a smaller Executive Board in 2005. The speedy roll-out of DraughtKeg early in its life cycle and the further investment in production; the accelerated integration of the Russian business; the centralisation of the IT function; these are all excellent examples of having brought that belief into practice.

Introduction of Heineken ICECold

Enjoy your Heineken served Extra Cold, chilled to zero degrees for longer lasting refreshmen

Enjoy your Heineken served Extra Cold, chilled to zero degrees for longer lasting refreshmen



Heineken and Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (‘FEMSA’) extend their existing three-year relationship in the United States for a period of ten years, effective 1 January 2008. Heineken USA continues to be the sole and exclusive importer, marketer and seller of the FEMSA beer brands, Dos Equis, Tecate, Tecate Light, Sol, Bohemia and Carta Blanca, in the USA.

Heineken and Carlsberg confirm their intention to make an offer for the entire issued share capital of Scottish & Newcastle plc. Through the deal, Heineken will ultimately obtain a number 1 position in the UK and number 2 positions in the key markets of Portugal, Ireland, Finland and Belgium, as well as greater exposure to developing markets and segments, with positions in India and the US import market.


Heineken acquires Krusovice Brewery in the Czech Republic from Radeberger Gruppe KG. As a result of this transaction, the market share of Heineken in the Czech Republic increases to 8 per cent, with total volumes of over 1.6 million hectolitres, improving Heineken’s position in the market to number three.


Heineken acquires the Rodic Brewery, in Novi Sad, Serbia and of the Syabar Brewing Company, in Bobruysk, Belarus. Rodic was established in 2003 and employs 282 people. The Rodic Brewery facility is a state-of-the-art, 1.5 million hectolitre brewery, located in NoviSad, northern Serbia. The company’s portfolio consists of the beer brands MB Premium, MB Pils and Master.

Novi Sad Brewery

Novi Sad Brewery


The cash offer for the acquisition of Scottish & Newcastle becomes effective. The closure of the transaction is the start of an exciting new era for Heineken, strengthening the position in Western Europe. The Company will accelerate the process of uniting people, brands and best practice from both Heineken and S&N to create a single, stronger, more competitive business.

Heineken’s acquisition of parts of S&N includes businesses, licences and investments in Belgium, Finland, India, Ireland, Portugal, the UK and the US, with core brands including Foster’s, Kronenbourg 1664, John Smith’s, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sagres, Lapin Kulta, Maes and Beamish.

Scottish Newcastle

Scottish Newcastle

In 2008, Heineken also announces a number of other acquisitions:

Tango Brewery in Algiers, Algeria. The brand portfolio consists of the leading national mainstream beer brand Tango, and two brands in the economy segment, Samba and Fiesta, adding that the Algerian beer market was expected to grow at around 10 percent per year, based on a total volume of 1.1 million hectolitres in 2007. The current growth of the Algerian beer market is approximately 10% per annum based on a total volume of 1.1 million hectolitres in 2007. 


Bere Mureş:beremures

Drinks Union in the Czech Republic.


The transaction will strengthen Heineken’s number 3 position in the market, and gives the company a market share of 12% and a total domestic volume of more than 1.9 million hectolitres. Drinks Union owns a total of four breweries, all located in North and East Bohemia. Two of the breweries are located in Usti nad Labem, one in Louny and one in Kutna Hora. The regional market positions are complementary to Heineken’s existing positions in the Moravian and Prague regions. Drinks Union has a total production capacity of 0.9 million hectolitres and employs 523 staff. The brand portfolio consists of the national brand Zlatopramen and the regional Breznak, Louny and Dacicky brands.

Rechitsa Brewery in South Eastern Belarus

Rechitsa Brewery

Rechitsa Brewery

Under the terms of the transaction, Heineken has agreed to invest US$ 9.9 million (EUR 6.4 million) in an increase in the share capital of Rechitsa, ultimately leading to a 51% share in the company. The transaction is to be financed from existing credit facilities and will be immediately earnings enhancing and value enhancing in 2010. The proposed acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals.
In 2007, Rechitsa sold 285,000 hectolitres, equating to a national production share of 8%. The brewery, has a technical capacity of 525,000 hectolitres, employs 588 staff and is located in the city of Rechitsa in South Eastern Belarus, 280 km from Minsk. The business also operates a maltery, with a capacity of 10,000 tons. The portfolio consists of the mainstream beer brand Rechitsa and its 6 sub brands, the economy brand Dneprovska and a newly launched premium brand, BergG, which has three variants.

Beverage division of Eichhof in Switzerland.
Heineken will retain its number two position in the Swiss market after the deal, giving it a combined market share of 23 percent. The beverage division of Eichhof Holding comprises the production and distribution of beers, non-alcoholic beverages and wine.

Heineken also opens a brand new brewery in Seville, Spain.


Heineken launches the first global, interactive responsible drinking campaign, called ‘Know The Signs’. The aim is for consumers to engage and interact with this campaign rather than passively watch a one-way piece of communication. By making it possible to interact with this campaign we believe we are more likely to be successful in raising awareness of over-consumption of alcohol.

The Know the Signs campaign was developed at Red Brick Road / Ruby by executive creative director Justin Tindall

The “Know the Signs” campaign was developed at Red Brick Road / Ruby by executive creative director Justin Tindall



Heineken and United Breweries Limited (UBL), India’s leading brewer, create a strong partnership that will drive growth in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most exciting beer markets.

United Breweries Limited

United Breweries Limited

Through the transaction, Heineken gains joint majority control of India’s number 1 brewer, UBL and agree terms for the brewing and distribution of the Heineken brand in India. As part of the new agreement, Heineken acquires Asia Pacific Breweries(APB) India and in a subsequent transaction transfer this into UBL during 2010.

In 2009, Heineken® endorses the United Nations CEO Water Mandate. This United Nations-led initiative encourages companies to play a more active role in solving issues related to water availability and quality. The signing of the CEO Water Mandate by Jean-François van Boxmeer re-confirms Heineken’s existing commitment to both sustainability and water management.


In 2009, Heineken also announces the Heineken Africa Foundation to support and enhance the improvement of health for the people who live in the Sub-Saharan African communities where Heineken operates. The Heineken Africa Foundation supports health projects and health-related education. Heineken has taken this initiative to underpin its long-standing commitment to Africa.

Africa Foundation

Africa Foundation

Following the acquisition of Scottish & Newcastle in 2008, Heineken’s UK business marks the completion of integration with a change in name. The switch to Heineken UK is the beginning of an exciting, new chapter in the history of the UK business and a significant milestone for Heineken.

Heineken UK

Heineken UK




Heineken announces that it has completed the acquisition of the beer businesses of Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (FEMSA), following approval from all relevant anti-trust authorities and shareholders of Heineken N.V., Heineken Holding N.V. and FEMSA.

Heineken will execute the integration strategy it has developed in collaboration with the local management teams. The new management teams in Mexico and Brazil are announced; the newly acquired businesses forms part of the Heineken Americas region.

Heineken Americas

Heineken Americas


Heineken also announces a new, 10 year Sustainability agenda and goals. The commitments and plans are outlined in Amsterdam as part of a symposium on sustainable development. The company’s new approach to sustainability is characterised by an integrated ‘green’ vision for all aspects of its operations. It has set clear targets and adopted innovative ways at looking at its business processes. With its new agenda, Heineken recognises the role it should play in creating a better future and delivering across all its operations.

“As a leading brewer, we believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and be clear on what others can expect from us. This new sustainability agenda coupled with our greater transparency on targets and performance reflects this belief”, says Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman and Chief Executive of Heineken.

 Heineken has focused ‘Brewing a Better Future’ on 3 material areas:

  1. Continuous improvement of its environmental impact 
  2. Empowerment of people & communities 
  3. Continuing to make a positive impact on the role of beer in society
Brewing a better Future

Brewing a better Future



StrongBow Goes Global!

Strongbow is a dry cider launched in England by H.P. Bulmer in 1962. It is named after the Cambro-Norman knight Richard de Clare, later Earl of Pembroke, nicknamed “Strongbow” for relying heavily on Welsh archers during campaigns in Ireland, where at the time the Irish had few bows and relied on javelins. It was initially marketed as “the strong cider for men”.By 1970, it was the second highest selling cider in the world after its Bulmer’s stablemate Woodpecker. By 2001, Strongbow was among the top ten drinks by sales in English and Welsh pubs and bars. In 2003 Bulmers was purchased by Scottish & Newcastle, who in turn were taken over by Heineken in 2008. In January 2011, Heineken announced their intention to take the Strongbow brand global

StrongBow Goes Global!

StrongBow Goes Global!

Start Open Your World campaign

Heineken Open your World Campaign

Heineken Open your World Campaign

With the “Open Your World” campaign, Heineken recognizes the legend in all of its drinkers. Men who know their way around and recognize a fine beer when they taste one.
As part of the open your world campaign, and new theme is started to encourage responsible consumption of the HEINEKEN brands. Chapter 1 is: “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”
Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers

Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers

Heineken and Google have struck a multimillion-euro partnership to collaborate on digital advertising, including YouTube video and mobile ads, in the latest sign of the growing power of technology companies in the advertising world. The deal, which will span more than 20 international markets, is the first long-term collaboration directly between Google and a large brand, demonstrating the challenge for traditional agencies to provide new services in order to remain relevant.
Heineken Google Partnership

Heineken Google Partnership

Heineken and Facebook have partnered to work on digital campaigns for Heineken’s brands around the world. With the largest Heineken beer brand on Facebook that has over 4.6 million adult users, the beverage company aims to strengthen its popularity globally. Kingfisher and Dos Equis, two of the company’s other leading brands, are also in the top seven beer brands on Facebook.

Heineken Facebook Partnership

Heineken Facebook Partnership

Heineken becomes the major sponsor ofd the worldcup Rugby:

Sponsoring the Rugby worldcup with campaign"This is the game"

Sponsoring the Rugby worldcup with campaign”This is the game”


Launch of "Star Serve" a global draught quality programme

Launch of “Star Serve” a global draught quality programme

The Heineken Star Serve program emphasizes the importance of giving consumers the perfect draught beer through the Heineken Star Serve Ritual – a five-step process at the heart of a quality Heineken drinking experience.

Star Serve - It has to be perfect...

Star Serve – It has to be perfect…

“Accounts that serve Heineken are no ordinary place to grab a beer. When a customer steps into a Heineken bar, they want to know they are getting the ‘serve they deserve’ and all of the attention to detail that comes with it,” said Patrick Libonate, director of On-Premise & Draught Strategy for HEINEKEN. “Heineken’s Star Serve program is designed to instill the brand’s clear focus on quality, and ultimately help our on-premise account partners increase customer loyalty, sales and profits.” Research have shown that Star Serve can drive more than a 10% increase in sales.

5 simple steps for a perfect draft…

  • Rinse the glass to make it clean and cold (unless cold glasses are stored in a glass freezer).
  • Pour with the glass at a 45-degree angle for a full satisfying head.
  • Skim off the foam at a 45-degree angle to seal the head.
  • Check that the head sits on the horizontal line of the star.
  • Serve with a smile on a Heineken coaster with the logo facing the customer.



Heineken buys Hartwall, Finland. Hartwall is a leading and innovative player in the Finnish beverage category with strong market positions in beer, carbonated soft-drinks, waters, long-drinks, ciders, wines and spirits.

Hartwall Finland

Hartwall Finland

The portfolio includes brands such as Hartwall Jaffa, Novelle, Lapin Kulta, Karjala and Upcider. In 2012, Hartwall generated net revenues and EBITDA (beia) of approximately €300 million and €50 million, respectively. The company has around 850 employees.



HEINEKEN took home the Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix for ‘Heineken’s Legendary Journey: Justifying a Premium the World Over‘ – the campaign that aimed to grow and position Heineken® beer as a global brand. The Creative Effectiveness category celebrates award winning creativity with a proven business impact and according to Philip Thomas, “represents what brands are really looking for – creativity that amplifies their message and increases the power of what they create.”

A new bottle is introduced. Heineken is changing the design of its iconic green bottle for the first time since 1946. The revamped ‘Star Bottle’ has already been rolled-out in New York State and is set to hit the nation’s bars and shops in March 2013. The Star Bottle will be available in 12 oz and 22 oz sizes as before – but it features a taller, thinner shape, giving it a ‘more modern and premium look’, according to the company.

New Bottle Design

New Bottle Design

Heineken Asia Pacific, formerly Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) is an Asian brewery company founded as Malayan Breweries Limited (MBL) in 1931, in a joint venture between Heineken International and Fraser and Neave, it was renamed to Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) in 1989 and given its present name after merging with Heineken Asia Pacific in 2013.

Heineken - Asia Pacific Brewery

Heineken – Asia Pacific Brewery

It currently controls 30 breweries in 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region, selling over 40 beer brands and variants.

Introduction of Amstel Radler. Introducing a new authentic Radler beer mix for the summer. Amstel Radler, made with lemon juice and other natural ingredients, leverages the quality and expert craftsmanship of Amstel Bier while offering consumers 21 and older a double refreshing taste alternative perfect for summer’s outdoor activities and impromptu gatherings. Inspired by the long-standing European tradition of combining beer and lemon juice.

New authentic Radler beer mix for summer

New authentic Radler beer mix for summer

Introduction of the Torp Home Draft

Torp Home Draft

Torp Home Draft

Heineken introduces a new aluminium bottle. Created in collaboration with leading US artist Matt W. Moore, the Heineken® Club bottle was ceremoniously unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week. The striking design features a world-first in design featuring bold, origami-like graphics in brilliant green and blue UV colours that glow in the dark and ‘light up the night’ when exposed to black light.

Heineken 'lights up the night' with designer club bottle

Heineken ‘lights up the night’ with designer club bottle




150 jaar Heineken

150 jaar Heineken


Chapter 2 of the moderate drinking campagn is started. “Dance More, Drink Slow” is the first global responsible drinking campaign to target consumers on and around the dance floor. Created using our globally-recognised Heineken® brand, in partnership with acclaimed international DJ Armin van Buuren.

Chapter 2: Dance More Drink Slow

Chapter 2: Dance More Drink Slow

The moderation message is simple – stay in control and you can enjoy your night more.

A new theme in the Open your world campaign is launched: “Open your City”


Heineken hopes to encourage men to keep exploring the city where they live through the spot, which shows a man following a series of business cards lost by a woman called Eve, to uncover new places in his city. Also with the campaign ‘Cities of the World’, HEINEKEN aims to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities


The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced that the 2015 Creative Marketer of the Year will be awarded to HEINEKEN. The accolade recognises companies who have distinguished themselves by inspiring innovative, global marketing of their products and who embrace and encourage creativity in their brand communications.

“Creative Marketer of the Year at Cannes Lions is awarded to a company who is breaking the boundaries of creativity and who truly believes that creativity drives business and can improve the state of the world,” comments Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals, “HEINEKEN lives and breathes creativity throughout its organisation, and has a superb framework that allows its marketing teams the freedom to experiment while retaining the core essence of their many brands.

Heineken named creative marketeer of the year

Heineken named creative marketeer of the year

The brewer “lives and breathes creativity throughout its organization, and has a superb framework that allows its marketing teams the freedom to experiment while retaining the core essence of their many brands,” Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals, said in a statement.

Heineken acquire a 50% stake in Lagunitas Brewing Company to help it expand its operations globally.As part of the deal Lagunitas will no longer be considered a craft brewery under the Brewers Association definition of ‘craft’ as Heineken’s stake is greater than 25%.

Heineken acquire a 50% stake in Lagunitas Brewing Company

Heineken acquire a 50% stake in Lagunitas Brewing Company

Heineken N.V. announces the completion of the transaction to acquire the majority stake of Pivovarna Laško for a total consideration of EUR 119.5m.

Heineken Pivovarna Laško

Pivovarna Laško


Heineken launches the Spectre campaign, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, in 85 markets worldwide. Ahead of the worldwide release of Albert R Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Spectre, Heineken announced the latest chapter of its global partnership with the iconic James Bond film franchise.

Not Shaken, Not Stirred: Heineken Stars in New Bond ‘Spectre’ Campaign

Not Shaken, Not Stirred: Heineken Stars in New Bond ‘Spectre’ Campaign

Heineken’s integrated Spectre campaign invites consumers into the legendary world of James Bond.

Heineken Sponsors the Rugby Worldcup

Heineken Rugby Worldcup Sponsor

Heineken Rugby Worldcup Sponsor


HEINEKEN International has acquired an additional 1.6 billion shares in Diageo, parent company of Desnoes and Geddes Limited (D&G),
increasing its ownership in the company to 73.32 per cent.

HEINEKEN International has acquired an additional 1.6 billion shares in Diageo, parent company of Desnoes and Geddes Limited (D&G), increasing its ownership in the company to 73.32 per cent.

HEINEKEN International has acquired an additional 1.6 billion shares in Diageo, parent company of Desnoes and Geddes Limited (D&G), increasing its ownership in the company to 73.32 per cent.

D&G produces Red Strip,Red Stripe Light, Dragon Stout, Malta (nonalcoholic), Smirnoff Ice, Guinness



 “Moderate Drinkers Wanted” campaign is launched. This is the third chapter in Heineken®’s ongoing commitment to making moderate drinking cool.

chaper3_moderate drinkers

This new campaign aims to add momentum to the global trend towards moderation and for the first time places women at its heart, empowering them to encourage men to moderate their drinking.

Heineken build four windmills close to its brewery in Zoeterwoude to cover an important part of the local energy consumption from green sources. The aim is to generate 40% of the electricity needed for the Zoeterwoude site, in western Netherlands, from wind power.

March 2016. Heineken® has launched H41, a Limited Edition lager brewed using a rare ‘mother’ yeast discovered in Patagonia. Developed by the brand’s Master Brewers, the new lager has a fuller taste, with spicy notes balanced by subtle fruity hints.

H41_heinekenThe name H41 is derived from the latitude co-ordinate of the beech forest in Patagonia where this yeast was discovered. The H stands for Heineken®. Currently available in Amsterdam’s Heineken Experience, H41will be launched in Italy in March, and in selected outlets in The Netherlands from April. It will be available in 33cl bottles and draught.

Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken® Master Brewer, commented: “Central to the famous Heineken® taste is our unique A-yeast. It was first used 130 years ago by Dr. Elion, a Heineken® brewer trained by Louis Pasteur. It is still used today. The exact make up of our A-yeast is a closely guarded secret.”

He continued; “However, when the ‘mother’ of our A-yeast was discovered in Patagonia, it presented us with a unique opportunity. Using our unrivalled expertise, Heineken®’s Master Brewers began to work with the mother yeast to unlock a spectrum of new flavours. Our ‘Lager Explorations’ series was born. The taste of every beer in the series will be surprising and intense, but still balanced and refreshing.”


HEINEKEN signed a joint venture agreement with Asia Brewery Incorporated (Asia Brewery, Inc.). Asia Brewery, Inc. is a large beverage producer in the Philippines and is owned by LT Group, Inc. (LTG), a listed company with a diversified portfolio of consumer-focused businesses.




With this joint venture, the following brands are added to the Heineken family:

  • Colt45
  • Beer Na Beer
  • Asahi

Ofcourse the olympic games in Rio, where Heineken will have the AWESOME and world famous Holland Heineken House again.


Heineken and Formula One Management (FOM) have reached an agreement for Heineken® to become a Global Partner of Formula 1® (F1®). This significant partnership will start this year at the newly renamed Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’Italia 2016, in Monza, and run for a multi-year term.

From the 2017 F1® season onwards, Heineken® will be the F1® Event Title Partner of three Formula 1® Grands Prix (GP). It will also have a significant presence at several additional F1® Events chosen by Heineken® and Formula One Management. Heineken® will be the exclusive Global Beer Partner of Formula 1® and will also have substantial pouring, activation and access rights across the majority of F1® Events in the FIA Formula One World Championship™. Heineken® will not be visible on any F1® cars.



Amsterdam, 15th December 2016 – HEINEKEN N.V. (‘HEINEKEN’) has announced today that following Vine Acquisitions Limited’s announcement of a recommended cash offer for Punch Taverns plc, HEINEKEN through HEINEKEN UK has agreed a back-to-back deal with Vine Acquisitions to acquire Punch Securitisation A (‘Punch A’), comprising approximately 1,900 pubs across the UK. 

Following completion, HEINEKEN UK will work closely with the incoming licensees, helping them to realise increased potential from the pubs that they operate. HEINEKEN UK intends to apply its successful experience to date to the newly acquired pubs, refurbishing and rejuvenating them, making them more relevant to their communities and capable of multiple income streams including food.

The transaction will strengthen HEINEKEN UK’s exposure to a sustainable revenue source from rental income. The enlarged estate will also provide operational synergies and economies of scale and a strong platform to improve visibility and increase sales of HEINEKEN UK’s beer and cider brands in high-quality pubs.


Fantastic new commercial (“The Invention”)  is launched. In the new commercial HEINEKEN honors heritage while looking back at the World fair of 1889 in Paris, where Heineken won the “Diplome the Grand Prix”

Described as a first for the Dutch market, Heineken 0.0 introduced first in the Netherlands in March, before being rolled out to the rest of the world from April. The launch, which will be available in both retail and food service channels. is described as being the result of two years of secret work, with the aim of replicating as closely as possible the flavour of original Heineken lager.

Heineken 0.0 is reported to be an attempt to tap into a growing market for low and no alcohol beers, with sales in the Netherlands rising 27% last year, according to figures quoted by Het Parool.

Heineken 0.0 is set to be a first for the Heineken brand as a global offering, although the firm does already have a number of low and no alcohol products within its portfolio. In the Netherlands, for instance, it offers the lager brand Amstel 0.0, as well as radler products including Soproni 0.0 Maxx Radler and Amstel 0.0% Radler. In the USA, meanwhile, its product range includes Heineken Light, a low alcohol beer with 3.3% abv.

In April 2017 Heineken opened a brand new brewery in Côte d’Ivoire, together with our partner CFAO. HEINEKEN invested EUR 150 million in this state-of-the-art brewery. It was built in just 13 months – a record for HEINEKEN – and is located in Anyama, 24 kilometres to the north of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire’s economic capital.  Brassivoire is a joint venture partnership with CFAO with whom we have a longstanding relationship of 20 years working together in Congo-Brazzaville. Brassivoire is 51% owned by HEINEKEN and 49% by CFAO.


13 February 2017 – Heineken N.V. (“HEINEKEN”) announces today that it has entered into an agreement with Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (“Kirin”) to acquire Brasil Kirin Holding S.A. (“Brasil Kirin”), one of the largest beer and soft drinks producers in Brazil. The transaction will transform HEINEKEN’s existing business across the country by extending its footprint, increasing scale and further strengthening its brand portfolio. On closing, HEINEKEN will become the second largest beer company in Brazil, with a stronger commercial platform from which to capture future profitable growth in an exciting beer market.

HEINEKEN expanded its footprint in Brazil through the acquisition of the beer operations of Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V (“FEMSA”) in 2010. Since then, HEINEKEN has increased its market share to c.10%, led by Heineken® in the outperforming premium segment. At the same time, HEINEKEN has continued to build scale with the Kaiser and Bavaria brands, and has recently seen strong success with the roll out of Amstel in the mainstream segment. HEINEKEN currently operates 5 breweries in Brazil and has a strategic distribution partnership with the Coca-Cola bottlers.


Amsterdam, 4 December 2017 – HEINEKEN today laid the foundation stone of its first brewery in Mozambique in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Max Tonela, Minister of Trade and Industry.

This new brewery, incorporating the latest technologies, represents a $100 million (€85 million) investment. Located in the province of Maputo, between the Marracuene and Manhiça districts, the brewery will have a production capacity of 0.8 million hectoliters and will brew high quality beers for the domestic market. The first bottle of beer is expected to come off the production line in the first half of 2019.



HEINEKEN announces ‘Drop the C’ programme
Brewer sets new ambition to reduce carbon emissions 

February 2018 – HEINEKEN today announced its ‘Drop the C’ programme for renewable energy. With ‘Drop the C’ the company aims to grow its share of renewable thermal energy and electricity in production from the current level of 14% to 70% by 2030. HEINEKEN wants to drive a real change towards renewable energy and will therefore not purchase unbundled certificates to meet its reduction targets. In addition, new emission goals will be set for distribution and cooling and, for the first time, also for packaging. The brewer commits to set science based targets for these areas in the next two years.

Since 2008 carbon emissions at HEINEKEN breweries have decreased by 41%[1] and in 2017 the company has already reached its 2020 emission targets in production.



27 February – Heineken N.V. (HEINEKEN) opened a new brewery in Meoqui, Chihuahua, Mexico. The brewery, the company’s seventh in Mexico, has a production capacity of 6 million hectolitres per year and will produce leading brands such as Tecate, Dos Equis and Heineken® for the Mexican market as well as for export markets.


Heineken has struck a $3.1 billion partnership with a company that controls China’s largest brewer, China Resources Beer, as the two firms seek to tap a growing thirst for premium brands in the world’s biggest beer market.

The deal will see Heineken, the world’s No. 2 brewer, take a 40 percent stake in CR Beer for HK$24.35 billion ($3.1 billion), giving the Dutch brewer a strong distribution network in China and greater access to one of the world’s fastest-growing premium beer sectors.






Amsterdam, 2 May 2019 - Heineken N.V. announces that it has acquired a majority stake in Biela y Bebidas del Ecuador S.A. BIELESA.


Amsterdam, 19 March 2019 – HEINEKEN today announced its 2030 water vision in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, dedicated to water protection.

“The world needs to pay more attention to water,” said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO of HEINEKEN. “Water is a precious, but unfortunately undervalued, resource. By 2025, two thirds of the global population could be living in water-stressed conditions[1]. We need to do more to protect water so communities living in water-stressed areas can continue to thrive.”

HEINEKEN is committed to water protection. Water is important to HEINEKEN as beer is 95% water and great beer requires high quality water. That is why over the past decade the company has lowered its water usage by almost a third from 5 hectolitres of water per hectolitre of beer, and has already surpassed its original 2020 target.





Heineken bought a minority share in Amsterdam craft brewery Oedipus, .

Oedipus was established in an Amsterdam kitchen in 2011. In 2015 the company opened its own brewery, with a bar attached. Oedipus will remain an independent brewery with its owners leading the business. But Heineken’s shares mean that the small craft brewery can make use of Heineken’s knowledge on beer and brewing techniques.




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