HEINEKEN 2020 – Now


Landelijke uitrol van #helpdehoreca

Samen met o.a. KHN lanceerde HEINEKEN #helpdehoreca. Hier konden horecaliefhebbers hun favoriete horecazaak steunen door een waardebon te kopen. Inmiddels is de actie gestopt en kunnen er geen waardebonnen meer gekocht worden. Er is maar liefst 3.7 miljoen euro opgehaald voor de horeca-ondernemer

MEI 2020

Heineken, Amstel en Desperados bij Lidl

Heineken begint volgens woordvoerder Felicity Nieman op donderdag 21 mei met de verkoop van verschillende artikelen van Heineken:

– Heineken Pils blik 50 cl
– Desperados blik 50 cl
– Heineken pils 6 x 25 cl
– Heineken 0.0 6 x 25 cl
– Amstel Pils blik 4 x 33 cl
– Heineken 0.0 blik 4 x 33 cl
– Amstel Radler 0.0 blik 4 x 33 cl

Op woensdag 20 mei lagen er in ieder geval bij een aantal vestigingen van Lidl al producten van Heineken in het schap. In het assortiment bij Lidl geen kratten Heineken. Opvallend genoeg was elders in de winkel als actieproduct ook een tray met blikjes Bavaria-bier te koop voor €10.

Zes flesjes Heineken voor €4,99

Lidl verkoop een sixpack met flesjes Heineken voor €4,99, dezelfde prijs als een 12-pack van het eigen Kordaat-bier en zo’n €0,30 goedkoper dan een vergelijkbaar product bij Albert Heijn. Een 0,5-literblik Heineken kost €1,12, terwijl 6 flesjes Heineken 0.0 voor €3,69 in het schap staan. Vier blikjes Amstel pils gaan voor €2,77 langs de kassa.

Lidl krijgt Heineken vast in assortiment

June 2020 : HEINEKEN has a new CEO : Dolf van den Brink

Dolf van den Brink is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board at Heineken N.V. since 1 June 2020. He succeeded Jean-François van Boxmeer. Prior to this, Dolf van den Brink was President of the Asia Pacific region and member of the Executive Team at Heineken N.V.

Oktober 2020 HEINEKEN releases a new fantastic book: “It could only be Heineken”

What was the brilliant invention which allowed founder Gerard Adriaan to establish the name Heineken? Ever heard of a wooden horse, or a yeast-pitching egg? Why brewery employees delivered ice rods? Did you know that there is an old Dutch master in the Heineken collection? And where the initials H.P. stand for?

With its treasure trove of stories, this richly illustrated book graces the coffee or, more aptly, the beer table! Remarkable facts, colourful anecdotes, and poignant portraits sketch the personalities of 100 Heineken Stars: objects, posters, photographs, films, and works of art from the heritage collection assembled by the brewery on the initiative of Alfred (Freddy) Heineken from the 1970s onwards. That collection now encompasses over 120,000 tangible memories of the company’s history.

This book is the result of an exciting quest for the historical narratives that each object encompasses. They usher us through time and place, zooming out from Amsterdam to the Netherlands, Europe, and eventually the whole world.


April 2021 HEINEKEN launches 2030 Brew a Better World ambitions

HEINEKEN today announces its 2030 Brew a Better World programme, a new set of ambitious commitments aimed at driving a positive impact on the environment, social sustainability and the responsible consumption of alcohol.

As an important part of the company’s EverGreen balanced growth strategy, the 2030 ambitions build on progress made since the Brew a Better World programme was originally launched in 2009.

Juli 2021 India’s United Breweries becomes part of the HEINEKEN group

Amsterdam, 30 July 2021 – Heineken N.V. (HEINEKEN) announces that, following United Breweries Limited’s (UBL) annual general meeting on 29 July 2021, it has obtained control of UBL in India. This follows HEINEKEN’s recent acquisition of additional ordinary shares in UBL on 23 June 2021, taking its shareholding in UBL from 46.5% to 61.5%.

Dolf van den Brink, Chairman of the Executive Board / CEO, commented: “UBL has a proud history dating back more than a century as an influential shaper of the beer industry in India. It built its position as the undisputed market leader in India with a strong network of breweries across the country and a fantastic portfolio led by its iconic Kingfisher brand family, complemented more recently by a strong HEINEKEN international brand portfolio. We are honoured to build on this legacy and look forward to working with our colleagues at UBL to continue to win in the market, delight consumers and customers and unlock future growth.”

India offers an exciting long-term growth opportunity as per capita beer consumption is low at 2 litres per annum. Its growing population of nearly 1.4 billion people includes a strong emerging middle class, enabling further premiumisation. UBL will be a top HEINEKEN operating company and Kingfisher a top 5 global brand.



100% green electricity for HEINEKEN Netherlands

As of January 2022, HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply, Vrumona, HEINEKEN International, including the Heineken Experience centre, HEINEKEN Export and Proseco will switch to 100% green purchased electricity. This landmarks a remarkable achievement in our path to net zero impact, reaching carbon neutrality in our own production by 2030.

The end of 2020 saw the signing of 2 Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Windpark de Rietvelden (Pure Energie) and Windpark Fryslân (Eneco). The purpose was to provide 100% green purchased electricity generated by Dutch wind farms. Together these PPA’s will provide 95.000 MWh of green electricity per year to HEINEKEN. When this is combined with all of the existing green electricity, HEINEKEN in the Netherlands will use a total of 124.900 MWh of green electricity per year, this is the equivalent of 41.300 households. We are extremely proud of the uniqueness of this achievement, in Europe there are 30 to 40 PPA’s per year, and we have secured 2 PPA’s in one go.

This milestone also marks an important step for our Dutch breweries. The breweries were already partially powered by green electricity (from both wind turbines and solar panels). As of January 2022, the breweries in Den Bosch en Wijlre will now reach 100% green electricity. Our Zoeterwoude brewery, the largest in Europe, will reach this milestone in 2024 when the last on-site fossil electricity generation (the Heat Power Generator) will be switched off.