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Gebrouwen met meer hop

Brand Premium Pilsener wordt gebrouwen met meer hop. Dat geeft onze pilsener zijn unieke, krachtige smaak. Het volledig volmout gebrouwen pils van Brand kenmerkt zich door de perfecte balans tussen hopbitterheid en hop-aroma. Dit komt doordat Brand twee keer in het brouwproces hop toevoegt aan het bier.

Ingredients: Natural mineral water,barley malt, hop, hop extract
Nutritional value per 100 ml
Energy181 kJ (43 kcal)
Fat<0.1 gr
   saturated0 gr
Carbohydrates3.1 gr
   Sugars<0.4 gr
Proteins0.5 gr
Salt<0.01 gr
Original Extract:11-12 Gew. %
Alcohol:5 Vol.%
Bitterness:27 EBU
Fermentation:Bottom-ferminting bier
Color:7 EBC,Blonde Ale to Weissbier
Foam:Fine and white, sticking to the glass
CO2:Constant flow















This product is produced from malted barley. This means that it contains barley gluten. As a result of fermentation, this product contains traces of naturally formed sulphite (SO₂ <10mg / l). Sulphite is not added in the production process.

For this product, none of the following raw materials is used as:
1. Ingredient; or
2. an ingredient of a compound ingredient; or
3. an additive or component of a compound additive;
4. a technological auxiliary substance or part of it.

– Wheat, rye, oats, spelled, kamut
– products derived from crustaceans and / or molluscs
– Eggs and egg products
– Fish and fish products
– Milk and milk products
– Nuts and sesame seeds and derived products
– Peanuts and soya beans and derived products
– Added sulphite in concentrations of 10 mg / l or higher
– Celery and / or mustard
– Lupine and derived products

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